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Auto mechanics see more profit as festivities drive the need for repairs

Auto mechanics see more profit as festivities drive the need for repairs

Most auto mechanics and technicians in Lagos are having arguably the busiest month of their lives in a long while as demand for their services has surged in December 2021.

The auto repairs who were still busy with work as of December 27, 2021, noted that there has been a double increase in the number of vehicles parked for servicing and other mechanical work since the Christmas period which has tied them down from traveling and visiting their families.

Ernest Chidi, a Mercedes Benz specialist while sharing his experience explained that he has been busy with work and travel since December 22, noting the fact that it has been of huge benefit to him.

“This season has been wonderful to me and the same thing is applicable to others that you are seeing around me here. Most of my customers that I have not seen since January are back with their vehicles for servicing and mechanical touch. There are not even enough parking spaces for me again. Some new customers are coming too through referral and all these are for my own benefit just that I have to deliver them on time and keep to my words,” Ernest said.

According to the mechanic, he charges much higher than ordinary days and customers are willing to pay to get their vehicles set for travel at all costs.

Ernest noted that apart from working and servicing vehicles for customers, vehicle owners who cannot drive to a far distance also engage him to drive their families to the East after concluding a certain amount.

“Mechanics are all drivers and people always trust us to drive their family home especially to the east. I have traveled to the east four times since December 19, and still, have one more to go. None of this trip is less than N30, 000 and some will even give you more to satisfy you in order to ensure the safety of their family,” he added.

Stephen Achonna, a Toyota technician explained that it is their season and people are calling on a daily basis for work while some offers are now being rejected to avoid disappointment.

“I have stopped accepting new offers so I don’t disappoint my customers. I still have four vehicles that need serious attention which must be ready before December 30, because they are traveling with them. This is our season because even people that haven’t driven their cars since January want it at all costs this December. We are making the money, only that the work is stressful but we must do all in our capacity to deliver those that trusted their vehicles in our hands,” he said.

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He also noted that he has seen double of the profit he does see in the ordinary season this festive period, irrespective of the customers that are yet to clear their balance with him while noting that he has also driven a family home in Anambra State with a charge of N35,000.

Meanwhile, Linus Imeofo, an auto electrician, also shares his own experience within the period with a smile on his face.

According to him, he has not seen such a number of cars for rewiring since the beginning of the year.

“The festive season has been amazing. My friends handling mechanical work have always referred their customers to me since this period. I have postponed my travel to January so I can attend to all my customers and get enough in my bank to spend with my family. Some customers that want express service usually pay more to get their Job done before others, while others will book time with you,” he said.

However, the auto electrician noted that there is much pressure on the work during this season but the benefits are much higher than other months of the year.

Ernest also speaks on the risk associated with traveling almost daily this festive period recounting what has been happening on the road.

“It takes only the brave to hit the road during this period. Traveling is not all that easy, especially when you are taking almost the same route every day but since money is involved, we manage to go while praying for safety because the opportunity does not come all the time,” he added.