• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Idanre Hills Resort, a new offering atop hill


No doubt, Idanre Hills is a breathing landscape that also provides a window to the town’s colourful history. From a few kilometres to the town centre, a first time visitor will not cease to marvel at the aesthetics, architecture and thoroughness employed by mother nature in the  assemblage of hills of various shapes and sizes in the historic town, also called ‘Oke Idanre’ by the locals.

Of course, there is so much to see and do in a single visit to the rustic town.  Apart from the popular MARE Festival in November, the town now welcomes visitors to an all-year-round excitement with the opening of Idanre Hills Resort, a world-class hospitality outfit and tourist centre.

Built on the foot of the hills and spreading across five kilometres, the hills resort is well apportioned and fitted with a blend of sophisticated and traditional African motifs. It compels attention with its impressive, imposing outlook, serenity, extraordinary nature and world-class facilities that combine to make the resort first of its kind in Nigeria.

From the resort, adventurous guests can dare the tallest of the hills, which rises about 300ft above sea level for a bird’s eye view of the alluring and enchanting picturesque conference of undulating rocky ranges and mountains of Idanre Hills. On offer are various accommodation options stylishly designed, and colourfully furnished with visitors in mind.

On a visit, guests have option of choosing from the tree houses, houses on the rock (Ile oriota), all fully serviced apartments and in three bedrooms and two bedrooms en suites categories). Apart from been creatively crafted and exuding a blend of African and continental motifs, the accommodation options feature tastefully fitted amenities for the pleasure of the guests.

There is a beautifully dressed female butler attached to each apartment to ensure 24 hours service for guests.

Besides the comfort of the room, unique experience awaits guests at the swimming pool, restaurant, finger bar, lounge, and spa for special massage. There is a game arcade for children and adults alike, while a stroll along the walk way is beneficial, especially to lovers. The resort also has a reception, where guests are first received and given a treat of the resort’s traditional welcome (Ekaabo) treat.  It consists of a sit out area, mini theatre with stage, game facilities such as table tennis, snooker boards and a number of traditional games.

Also, of interest to discerning guests are: an outdoor stage and a VIP stage, children’s playground, sit out area atop the rocky ranges, kiosks for traditional cuisines and snacks, office complex and ‘Wadii’ for plaiting hair.

Idanre Hills Resort also lends itself to eco-tourism scenery boost further with naturally enticing and breezy environment, which allows for exploration of the outdoor elements and aesthetics of the resort.

Since it opened its door to the public last year, visitors to the town are now guaranteed a choice of overnight stay where they would be treated to the best of contemporary and African entertainment packages as part of the services on offer.

It has also hosted a lot of guests, especially hosting visitors during the MARE Festival last November, a festival that is devoted to promoting Idanre Hills with mountain climbing as top highlight of the festival activities.

However, credit goes to the Ondo State government for turning a once dumpsite into Idanre Hills Resort on a record time of 90 days, a feat the state government insists is commendable and has commenced a move to enlist Idanre Hills Resort in the Guinness Book of Record as the only hill resort to be completed in 90 days. This is expected to further boost the hills resort and attract global attention to it.

With the resort, the state tourism authority, beckons on lovers of mother nature, adventure seekers, and tourists alike to visit and experience breathing views of the hills, enjoy the best of accommodation offerings at the resort, and also mingle with the locals if they wish.