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Dealing with the Hamattan blues this season


One early morning in December 2014, Nigerians woke up to a foggy, cold and still day that gradually turned sunny but comfortable. But this has gradually given way to cold nights and colder mornings. The hammatan is here again. The period comes with a lot of plus and also minus as well. The plus is that laundry and every other thing that requires washing gets dry faster. While the minus is that the same also happens to the human skin, hair and body as a whole. Below are some guides to help you combat the weather and come out looking fresh, sleek and elegant.

Lip Balm: This is one period where lip balm has no gender. Apply a small amount on your lips once you notice that your lips are dry. This will moisturize your lips and save them from cracks, which can be painful. Try Tender Care lip balm, a special formula with beeswax and vegetable oil or Chapstick lip balm, it relieves dryness and restores skin softness and suppleness.

Oil or butter based body product: Body creams and lotions with oil or butter as base is perfect for this period. The body needs a higher level of moisturizing because of the humidity in the air. Be careful to avoid some products that tend to block your pores. Black Opal body oil supreme is a winner in this season, as well as, Palmers cocoa butter and other Shea butter products.

Hand cream or lotion: Ladies usually have hand creams in their bags, especially now. But guys should leave one in their drawers at work. For every time you need to wash your hands, make sure you have a lotion or cream to apply. This will take care of the whitish look of your skin, especially those areas between your fingers, elbows and knees.

Scarf or muffler: Add a stylish twist to your look this period by adding a scarf, muffler or neckerchief to your list of fashion accessories. Keeping your neck warm will affect your entire body, especially if you easily get affected by the cold weather.

Hair extensions and wigs: During the Hamattan period, the hair easily becomes brittle. Hair specialists advice that your natural hair be kept under wraps by using hair extensions such as weaves and wigs. As these will help preserve your hair and stop it from losing moisture or gathering dust.

Socks or stockings: For the guys, make it a top priority this period to wear a pair of socks with your shoes or sneakers. This will help protect your feet, especially the heels from exposure and cracks. Remember, one clean pair of socks per day, do not repeat to save your feet from infections.

Mabel Dimma