• Friday, July 19, 2024
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The innocent gift


Her mind was a clean slate and so pure

Not impressionable for she was yet unable to fathom

She was at her most vulnerable

Open to the good, bad and the ugly, her mind was unprotected

Her beady eyes scanned around her

Seeing all things but grasping nothing

Unable to plan ahead, others did so for her

Three plans, two in accord but one of discord

Two of love but one of hate and jealousy

She knew none  and had no choice in the matter

She had asked for the gift and she was given:

To stand as a guardian angel in her lifetime

Her plan was in accord with the ultimate:

To be a shield of protection and block out the plan in discord

She was bound but it was for a great cause

The Ultimate deposited the instinct in her

Hence the fight for her gift came naturally

In sickness, health and old age, she cared for her gift

If a tear was shed, she shed a thousand in return

For great and selfless is the love she had

He didn’t ask for the gift

It wasn’t his for the taking but that was his plan

He lurked around waiting for his chance

He seemed strong and in control but it was not so

He had sold this facade to some

Those that bought became his puppet

They were in bondage of his bidding

Together, they made bad things happen

Only for those who were cast under his spell

And failed to call his bluff

The Ultimate with the master plan

Stood ahead of the destroyer

Could crush him with a whisper

But won’t and cannot be queried

Carrying both the gift and guardian on his shoulders

For he had plans for them both

All he required was their undivided devotion

The pure mind of the gift

And the selfless love of the guardian angel

And he would give them this world and beyond

Have a blessed week

Oluwaseyi Lawal