• Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Musings on life


It’s annoying that you are just born out of nowhere, forced to go to school to get an education so you can get a job to pay bills. What if I just wanted to be a goat?”

When I first saw the above quote, I had a good laugh and then forgot about it until some days later when I got a little overwhelmed with life. The day the quote came to mind, it got me pensive, pondering on this thing called life. At times, it just seems like we are in a never-ending rat race. There is always something – a degree to get, a better job, a bigger house, that pretty lady or handsome man’s heart, kids… The list is unending.

Right from the point of our birth, there is already a prescribed way for us to live our lives, and deviating from that norm is almost an abomination. The truth is that it starts to feel overwhelming when you are only living for yourself.

Everything is moving at the speed of light and nobody wants to slow down because if one does so, one might just get left behind. There is no recognition for under-achievers, but my question is: “When can you take a second to relax, soak in and be thankful for all the success already achieved?” As the saying goes, “It may not be where you want to be, but it’s not where you were.”

In this life, it’s so easy to forget that where we are is where we earnestly prayed to be at one point because immediately we arrived, we started yearning for another. Also, there are people in our lives we appreciated greatly at the beginning, but now we have gotten so used to them that we have allowed ourselves to forget their relevance. We get caught up in new things and meeting other people, neglecting the people that love us.

The great lesson I have learnt in my very short time on earth is that there is a good side to almost everything. Is it that job with ridiculous hours which makes you get home late at night? Well, if it doesn’t kill you, it would definitely make you stronger. You find that working long hours in another job would come easy to you and where others are saying there’s a casting down; yours would be a joyful story. You just have to make it work for you. Look for advantages by first having a positive attitude towards every situation that is thrown your way and before you know it everything would start to fall into place.

Same goes for the people around us. You might just think that there’s nothing good about a person, but I assure you that you are in for a surprise.  You never know what a person is going through at work, home or even the kind of childhood such a person had. So, it is always advisable to treat everyone we come across in love because you never know, you just might be the one to save such a person from his or herself.

Treat every person or situation you come across this year with patience and love because in the end the ultimate success is about the lives you impact positively both directly and indirectly.

I wish you a great year ahead!

Oluwaseyi Lawal