• Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Youngest Nigerian crypto CEO elevates legacy with innovative crypto payment solution

Youngest Nigerian crypto CEO elevates legacy with innovative crypto payment solution

With a mission to ensure crypto accessibility to all classes in Africa’s biggest economy, Jeremiah Mayowa, the visionary CEO of Jeroid, stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial excellence. At the helm of Jeroid, Mayowa has not only revolutionized the digital finance sector but has also paved the way for businesses to thrive in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

As a math student at the prestigious University of Lagos, Mayowa launched the Jeroid Reporters platform for unbiased reporting and insightful coverage. But it wasn’t until 2017 that Mayowa made his mark in the digital finance landscape with the introduction of the Jeroid retail crypto trading service. This service attracted around him a pool of young, vibrant and energetic crypto-enthusiasts whose worth would prove invaluable later on. His innovative mindset, the key driving force throughout his career, propelled him to officially launch the Jeroid crypto trading app in 2021, leveraging cutting-edge technology, the app provides users with a seamless and secure trading experience, staying true to its promise of a Secure, Swift and Reliable service.

Continuing his expansion into the crypto world, Mayowa sought to elevate the quality of services provided by the Jeroid crypto trading app. In 2023, having recently earned his bachelor’s degree, Jeroid V2, the upgraded version of the crypto trading app was released. It boasted new features like a Personalised Wallet, which granted users and traders complete control of oversight of their crypto resources as well as Utility Bills, which allowed customers to use the Jeroid service to pay for day-to-day expenses like internet data purchases. These extra benefits added to a secure and seamless platform ensured Jeroid’s spot as Nigeria’s number one crypto exchange.

Building on this success, Jeroid LTD presents its Corporate Solution for Business Owners, a cutting-edge platform that allows businesses to seamlessly accept cryptocurrencies through a Secure, Swift, and Reliable QR code system. This innovative solution addresses the challenges businesses face when integrating cryptocurrency payments, offering a streamlined and secure payment process for both parties.

With Jeroid’s Corporate Solution, businesses can tap into new markets, save costs with lower transaction fees, enhance security with blockchain technology, and expand their reach globally with borderless transactions. Coupled with Jeroid’s intuitive interface and 24/7 support, this solution empowers businesses to embrace the future of finance with confidence.

Jeremiah Mayowa’s remarkable journey as CEO of Jeroid is a testament to his potential for success in the digital finance landscape, especially after winning the BusinessDay NextBulls award in 2023 and also being recognized at the prestigious BusinessDay SME 100 Awards. His achievements, along with his dedication to innovation, continue to elevate Jeroid’s legacy and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs in Nigeria and beyond. As Mayowa continues to shape the future of cryptocurrency and digital finance, the possibilities are limitless for Jeroid and its partners.