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What you need to know about Dr Linda Iheme, the executive producer for Nollywood movies; HAMMER & MAY 27th


The Nigerian cinema saw a different story angle for 6 weeks as HAMMER the movie trends among graduates and young professionals across the country. Youths across the country troop to different cinema locations in their cities to watch HAMMER. One may ask, what is the story behind HAMMER and why does it resonate so well with the youths? To understand this question, we may need to look into the brain behind the movie, the executive producer of HAMMER -Dr. Linda Iheme. A little flip in her background and her passion gave an overview of why HAMMER the movie made so many waves.

Dr. Linda is a Nigerian-Canadian Educational Consultant, Dentist, and community development expert. She is the founder and CEO of Vantage Migration and Allied Consult, an education consulting firm that specializes in guiding graduates and professionals to secure scholarships & study loans abroad for advanced studies.

Dr. Linda has a graduate degree in Public Health and Health Systems from the University of Waterloo, Canada, where she studied on full scholarship and won several leadership and academic awards. Before then, she did her undergraduate studies in Dental Surgery at the School of Dentistry, College of Medicine, the University of Benin, where she graduated as the best student the college of medicine produced at that time, with six distinctions.

She is a passion-driven leader. In Canada, she has effectively and diligently served as a member of the board of governors and member of the Senate, University of Waterloo. Member of the senate committee on Finance, member of executive committee board of governors, and recently won a community impact award from an organization —Canada Vendors. She is a State Alumni and trained social entrepreneur from the University of Connecticut, USA, sponsored by the American Government. In 2014, she was among the leaders invited and celebrated by the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Locally, Dr Linda recently funded a school building project (Land, Classrooms and STEM Lab) through an NGO —Cleverminds Educational Foundation, for orphans and rural children in Iyara community, Delta state. As a way of creating global opportunities for people, Dr Linda through Vantage Migration has sponsored 15 Nigerian youths to travel to different countries abroad, all expenses paid within the last 24 months. Her goal is to help people live their dreams against all odds.

It’s obvious, HAMMER came from one of the best brains Nigeria has ever had. However, it was intriguing to discover that HAMMER is not the first Nollywood venture of Dr. Linda. She is also the executive producer of May 27th -a movie that exposes the unravelled story of “rape” as suffered by women and men in local communities and inner cities. May 27th was directed by Smart Edikan with settings shut in Nigeria and Canada. The movie has had 4 movie festival nominations since its production including the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival.

One thing about Dr. Linda is the fact that she knows how to sort for and work with the best brains to execute her projects. While Smart Edikan did an amazing job on May 27th, Emem Isong-Misodi outdid herself in HAMMER. Emem who is the founder of Royal Art Academy is the director and producer of HAMMER movie while Dr. Linda Iheme remains the executive producer.

HAMMER the movie reveals the plight of the average Nigerian graduate in a quest to make it in life. Life after graduation throws many youths and young professionals into confusion and utter disappointment. Many may choose crime and other social vices to survive, but the question is “is that the best option?”. The movie speaks of better ways and solutions to make ends meet and HAMMER legally. HAMMER premiered on the 20th of August in the big city of Lagos Nigeria. The movie hit the cinemas on the 26th of August, 2022 showing in 57 cinemas across Nigeria from 26th to 30th September, 2022. To know more about HAMMER the movie, click here.