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We’re a family-oriented real estate company – Kingford Homes CEO Bode Edun

We’re a family-oriented real estate company – Kingford Homes CEO Bode Edun

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Bode Edun, a real estate professional and the Chief Executive Officer at Kingford Homes. We are property acquisition agents, we are buyer’s buyers. What we do is in the interest of the customers while protecting them.
What was the intention behind the establishment of Kingford Homes after a great career in the United Kingdom?
Real estate is more or less a family business to us. Cumulatively, I can say that we have about 40 to 50 years of experience in the sector. However, there was a need to set up just to ensure that all the real estate transactions were looked out for. We have a property company in the UK called Daniel Ford International. So, after working and studying in the UK, I came back to Nigeria to establish after gathering so much experience and we have all the prerequisites to continue the business.

What are the services you render?

What we do is property sales. We sell land, and houses and develop properties.

Part of the services you render as a company is a mortgage and also one of the campaign promises of the new President to tackle the housing deficit in Nigeria. How are you intending to buy into the mortgage plan of the new government in Nigeria?

We have over 25 million housing deficit in Nigeria and people need to have shelter and that’s where mortgage comes in. However, mortgage in Nigeria is quite expensive because of the economy and the interest rate. A mortgage is easy when you are an inflow somewhere, you’ve seen a property you want to purchase and you want to transact, however, that’s not the case in Nigeria because those who are out of homes can’t even afford basic needs. However, if government can provide funding, that is a major way to solve this problem. The government should provide banks with funding to loan to individuals and have it structured in a way that suits both parties, the housing deficit will be reduced. In the process of doing that, unemployment rates will be tackled because there will be more jobs and artisans will get paid. At Kingford Homes, we have partnered with some banks and we provide mortgages through those banks. We are not a mortgage company, we only serve as an intermediary between the banks and individuals to achieve their goals.

What are the major challenges you have faced since you started business in Nigeria?

There’s no sector without a challenge, there are several challenges because we like to cross the t’s and dot the i’s, we make sure that whatever property we provide meets the required government standard and that has helped us from having any major issues. We try to go along with the standard practices in the industry and that has helped us.

Why should customers choose Kingford Homes?

Customers should work with us because we are a family-oriented company, we put the interest of the family at heart when we are doing transactions. We don’t just push what the customer doesn’t need, we only push for what the customers need and we make sure that all the properties we introduce to them have the right documentation. As it is, the Lagos State Government is demolishing properties but we haven’t been a victim of that and that is because in our company, we do our due diligence to our buyers. We hold their hands and make sure that the house purchase experience is worth it. We hold your hands and show you the right transactions, we would direct you on the accessibility of the property and make sure that the area you’re buying is good due to our advantage of having local knowledge of the market, especially Ikeja, Lekki, Ikoyi and Victoria Island.

What are the projects that you currently have?

We have Alausa Heights in Ikeja Alausa, where we’ve practically sold out; we have another project we are about to start called Silver Crest Estate, which is also in Alausa. We have different projects in Banana Island, Lugard Avenue, and old Ikoyi to be precise and other several projects and that is due to our understanding of what clients want and we make sure to give that to them while giving them a great customer experience.

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