We remain dedicated to delivering top-notch services to our clients

Mrs. Ichechi Okonkwo, CEO, Laundryking

Mrs. Ichechi Okonkwo, is the CEO, Laundryking, Victoria Crest Homes and Dream Estate Lekki Ltd and also the DMD/Sales Director of Nedcomoaks Group. She obtained her BSc in Industrial Chemistry and have attended various Executive Entrepreneurship programs within and outside Nigeria.
Prior to her current roles, Ichechi had worked at Guaranty Trust Bank Plc in the E-Business and Cards Services Group as well as the Systems and Control Group, where she gained invaluable experience in all aspects of business formation, structure, operation, management, and sustainability.

Throughout her career, she has been committed to continuous learning and have attended several management courses in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and business strategy. Some of the courses she has completed include the Special Executive Master’s Program in Global Business Strategy at the Metropolitan School of Business and Management, United Kingdom, and the Women on Boards program at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

Due to her unwavering thirst for knowledge, Ichechi is currently pursuing an MBA Programme. She is an Associate Member of Women in Management Business & Public Service (WIMBIZ).
An amazon of Substance, she has been privileged to receive several awards for excellence and professionalism. These include the Most Innovative Enterprising Real Estate Company at the Inside Business Africa Corporate Excellence Awards in 2016, the Best Enterprise and Best Managers Socrates Oxford, UK, in 2017, and the Nigeria Entrepreneurs Award Real Estate Company of the Year in 2016. And also been recognized with the Distinguished Customer Award from Fidelity Bank in 2015, amongst other accolades.

Successes recorded so far
VCH is a prominent brand within the Nedcomoaks group, a conglomerate of successful businesses operating across various sectors such as property development, facilities management, and technology. Established many years ago, VCH has consistently delivered quality products and services, propelling the company to the forefront of the industry.

Providing a first-of-its-kind fully Solar Powered sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle community in Citadel Views 1.0 Phase 1 and 2, located after Lagos Business School, and Citadel Views 2.0 located in Abraham Adesanya Road in Ogombo.

In 2021, VCH achieved several milestones with the launch of various initiatives. Our commitment to quality delivery has been a key factor in our success, resulting in numerous awards and recognition.

We are now expanding our reach to strategic locations in Lagos State, with the development of affordable, quality, eco-friendly, and renewable energy-powered residential estates in areas such as Lekki and Sangotedo-Eleko. Our goal is to continue spreading our wings and soar even higher, as we remain dedicated to delivering top-notch services to our clients.

Constant Building Collapse
This question is particularly important because it highlights the need for a sustained effort from all stakeholders to reduce the challenges in real estate. This is not a quick fix, but rather a long-term goal that requires the collective commitment of all involved parties.
To achieve this goal, it is essential for all stakeholders – including contractors, engineers, agents, and everyone with a vested interest in real estate – to work together and maintain the highest levels of integrity. Developers must prioritize the development of quality architectural structures, while engineers should actively supervise their respective units. Contractors should not compromise on the quality of building materials or divert funds meant for the completion of quality work. The relevant government bodies should also do their part to make sure everyone is compliant.
In essence, everyone must be up and doing their part to ensure that building collapses are minimized. It is also important for developers to invest in quality technology and infrastructure, while the government should enforce strict compliance with building regulations and codes. Defaulters should be penalized accordingly to ensure that building collapses are reduced.

In conclusion, building collapse prevention is a shared responsibility that requires a sustained effort from all stakeholders. By prioritizing quality work, maintaining integrity, and enforcing compliance with building regulations, we can create a safer and more secure built environment for all.

Greatest Passion
My desire to leave a significant impact on humanity and create a lasting legacy has been a driving force in my journey thus far.

Inclusion of Women in Leadership Positions
One principle that I firmly believe in and have based my beliefs on is that gender is not a barrier to success. With intention and determination, anyone can achieve their goals. It is important to dream and actively pursue those dreams, regardless of gender.
However, I recognize that many women face obstacles when it comes to assuming leadership positions. These obstacles may include gender biases, cultural and societal beliefs, limited resources, unsupportive partners, and low self-esteem. In some countries, there may even be legal barriers preventing women from taking up leadership roles.
As women, we also face the challenge of balancing various roles such as motherhood, being a wife, and pursuing a career. These demands can lead to self-doubt and a sense of inadequacy.
Despite these challenges, many women are finding their balance, changing the narrative, and stepping out to pursue their dreams. It is encouraging to see women pushing boundaries and breaking through barriers.
In conclusion, gender should not be a barrier to success. By breaking through societal and cultural barriers, women can achieve their goals and lead fulfilling lives. We need to support and empower one another as we work towards a more equitable society.

Managing Responsibilities as a Mother, Wife, and a Career Woman
As I mentioned earlier, achieving our dreams requires intentional efforts. I have always believed in the power of structure and being intentional in all aspects of my life. As a wife and a mother of three, I have learned to create time for all my responsibilities, while still excelling in my career.

Everything about me works with structure including my family and so being a mother I try to balance my time for my family and my work. My husband has been very supportive in my journey. He supports me and keeps pushing me on being the best version of myself, especially when doing business.
Being positive-minded and energetic has also helped me to maintain balance and focus on my goals. I strongly believe that it is possible to succeed in every area of life, including career, motherhood, and marriage, with the right mindset and a strong sense of purpose.
Having faith in God has also been an essential factor in my success. Trusting in a higher power has provided me with the strength and guidance needed to overcome challenges and achieve my goals

International Women’s Day Message
It is important to recognize that self-discovery can happen at any point in one’s life.

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