• Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Viewer’s choice or AMVCA’s choice?

AMVCA: Onga celebrates talent, sponsors cultural day, best lead actress award

By Abiola A A

In the world of cinema, award shows often spark intense debates and discussions among fans and critics alike. One film that has recently stirred up controversy for its arguably unmerited dominance at the just concluded AMVCA is Amazon Prime’s “Breathe of Life.” While many agree that it is a remarkable movie, myself included, divergent opinions have surfaced regarding the distribution of awards, particularly in the supporting actor category.

A supporting actor or supporting actress is an actor who performs a role in a play or film below that of the leading actor(s), and above that of a bit part. If you look at Breathe Of Life, you will see clearly that the actor who fits in perfectly in the supporting actor role in the movie is Chimezie Imo, who played the role of Elijah, not Ademola Adedoyin who played a “bit part” in the movie.

Chemezie Imo’s nuanced portrayal added depth and emotion to the storyline. Brilliant doesn’t begin to describe his performance. However, the unexpected turn of events came during the award ceremony when Demola Adedoyin, who should not even have been considered as a nominee for the supporting actor category, clinched the prestigious award.

If someone from Breathe Of Life must win the award, since it was clearly their night, why was it not Imo? The actual supporting actor in the movie? Why was Chimezie Imo given the trailblazer award instead? Was it to make room for Ademola who won the award at the expense of far more worthy nominees like Itele d Icon from Jagun Jagun, Alex Ekubo from Afamefuna, and Levi Chikere from Blood Vessel?

It was also unexpected to see “Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti,” a movie that had not been released when the award ceremony took place, win the award in the best writing category, and again – ahead of far more deserving movies that had already gone to the cinema or are already on streaming platforms. If it is truly a viewers’ choice award, why and how is a movie that is yet to be seen by the viewers winning an award?

The 10th edition of the AMVCA has left the ”viewers” with too many questions, and we deserve some answers and clarity.