• Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Utility Crypto MANTRA Climbs 22%: PlayDoge The Next Utility Play2Earn Crypto to Surge in Meme Coin Season?

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MANTRA (OM) surges in the volatile crypto market, while PlayDoge ($PLAY), a new P2E crypto, gains traction for potential growth during the meme coin season.

Amidst a volatile crypto market, MANTRA (OM) has surged by 22%, catching the eye of investors looking for robust performance amidst widespread market fluctuations. However, the real story might be where investors are redirecting their capital: PlayDoge ($PLAY), a new Play2Earn (P2E) cryptocurrency that’s quickly gaining traction.

With its nostalgic gaming model and promising presale, PlayDoge could be the next big utility crypto to capitalise on the current meme coin season. As MANTRA continues to rise, PlayDoge is positioning itself as a prime candidate for substantial growth.

MANTRA (OM) Shows Strong Performance Amid Market Volatility

MANTRA (OM) has distinguished itself in a turbulent cryptocurrency market, showing significant growth over the past two weeks. Despite broader market volatility and Bitcoin sell pressure, MANTRA has climbed over 22%, reflecting bullish sentiment and strong trading volumes.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates upward price movement, suggesting potential growth without the risk of being overbought. Additionally, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) has signalled bullish sentiment, further boosting investor confidence.

Market sentiment surrounding MANTRA remains positive, highlighted by a 7.9% surge in 24-hour trading volume, totalling over $50 million in OM tokens traded.

MANTRA’s technical data signals further price increases for the asset in the short term, with projections for 2024 setting a price target of around $1.24, with optimistic scenarios suggesting highs up to $1.45.

At the time of writing, MANTRA (OM) is trading at $0.9335, representing an over 37% rise over the past 14 days, according to CoinGecko data. This performance is remarkable considering the recent bearish trends affecting other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

PlayDoge ($PLAY): The Next Big Utility Play2Earn Crypto?

While MANTRA demonstrates resilience, a new arrival in the Play2Earn space, PlayDoge ($PLAY), is capturing attention. PlayDoge aims to take over the Play2Earn market with its new mobile game, reviving the 90s classic Tamagotchi Pets with a modern twist. This innovative approach positions PlayDoge as a strong contender in the meme coin season, combining utility with entertainment.

PlayDoge’s Unique Appeal

PlayDoge revives the Tamagotchi Pets experience, offering updated graphics, higher resolutions, and improved designs. Players care for their virtual pets by playing with them, feeding them, and completing mini-games, earning $PLAY tokens as rewards. These tokens serve as the in-game currency, and players can boost their standings on the leaderboard by earning XP, with top players receiving additional $PLAY tokens as rewards.


Tokenomics and Presale Success

PlayDoge’s tokenomics play a crucial role in its success. Out of the total supply of 9.4 billion tokens, 50% is allocated for the presale, providing a substantial initial funding pool. Another 12% is dedicated to staking, encouraging long-term holding and network stability. The project funds account for 10% of the tokens, ensuring ongoing development and operational costs are covered.

Additionally, 6.5% of the tokens are set aside for community rewards, fostering engagement and loyalty among users. Liquidity is maintained with 11.5% of the tokens, ensuring smooth trading experiences. Finally, 10% of the tokens are allocated for marketing, helping to raise awareness and attract new users to the platform.

PlayDoge’s presale phase has been notably successful, raising over $5.3 million. The accessibility of $PLAY tokens is a main feature, as they can be purchased using Ethereum, Tether, or even by bank card, making it easy for a wide range of investors to get involved. The current price is $0.00515 per token, with prices expected to rise in future presale stages, encouraging early participation.

Engaging Backstory and Gaming Potential

PlayDoge’s backstory adds to its appeal, set in 2024, where the mysterious disappearance of all beloved Doges shakes the crypto world. A meme trader discovers his cherished Doge thriving in a pixelated, 8-bit game reminiscent of the early 1990s. This engaging narrative, combined with Play-to-Earn rewards, creates a compelling investment opportunity.

The gaming industry’s rapid growth further supports PlayDoge’s potential. The global gaming market revenue was estimated at nearly $347 billion in 2022, with 70% generated through mobile gaming. By 2028, the video game market is expected to generate $435 billion in sales. Casual and hyper-casual games dominate the mobile gaming sector, aligning perfectly with PlayDoge’s strategy.

The Intersection of Play2Earn and Meme Coins

The rise of PlayDoge highlights the intersection of Play2Earn and meme coins, offering investors a blend of entertainment and potential financial returns. The Play2Earn model is particularly appealing as it allows users to earn rewards for engaging in gaming activities, creating a sustainable and engaging ecosystem.


In a market characterised by volatility and shifting trends, MANTRA (OM) and PlayDoge ($PLAY) stand out as promising opportunities. MANTRA’s recent surge reflects strong investor confidence and technical indicators pointing to further gains. Meanwhile, PlayDoge’s innovative Play2Earn model, nostalgic appeal, and successful presale position it as a potential breakout star in the meme coin season.

For those interested in PlayDoge, the presale offers an attractive entry point with discounted prices and engaging rewards. Visit the PlayDoge presale website and join the community for real-time updates and insights.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this innovative project and potentially reap substantial rewards. Invest in PlayDoge today and explore the future of Play2Earn in the cryptocurrency landscape.