• Monday, February 26, 2024
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Urban Life Realty empowers National Youth Service Corps members for real estate careers


In a strategic move to bridge the gap of the increasing unemployment faced by the new generation, Urban Life Realty recently made a significant impact at the National Youth Service Camp in Iyana Ipaja, Lagos, Nigeria. Recognizing the potential of the vibrant young cohort, the real estate firm collaborated with the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) initiative and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to offer skill acquisition programs aimed at turning corps members into successful realtors and real estate entrepreneurs.

Lagos, with an estimated 18,000 corps members passing through its system, faces the stark reality of limited employment opportunities in the country. Urban Life Realty stepped up to this challenge by deploying certified real estate trainers who provided intensive lectures and free training sessions to equip corps members with the knowledge and skills needed for a prosperous career in real estate.

The Urban Life Realty Academy, a pivotal initiative in this partnership, aspires to empower 300 corps members annually, enhancing their capabilities and contributing to the growth of the real estate sector in Nigeria. In 2023, real estate accounted for approximately 11% of the country’s GDP, amounting to an impressive 8.9 trillion naira.
The successful collaborative efforts between Urban Life Realty, SAED, and NYSC are a testament to the commitment to addressing unemployment challenges and fostering economic growth through real estate. By providing free training and employment opportunities, Urban Life Realty aims to not only empower individuals but also elevate the contribution of the real estate sector to Nigeria’s GDP.

As we reflect on the impact of progress of Urban Life Realty in 2023, it becomes evident that the numbers been trained and brought into the real estate sector by this initiative have the potential to significantly amplify its influence. The ripple effect of well-trained and motivated corps members entering the workforce as real estate professionals is poised to contribute substantially to the economic development of the country..
Without further ado, Urban Life Realty’s dedication to empowering the youth through real estate education is commendable. As the organisation continues to shape the future of real estate in Nigeria, the positive outcomes are not only measured in economic terms but also in the lives transformed and the careers built within the vibrant sector of real estate entrepreneurship.