• Thursday, December 07, 2023
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UK firm celebrates Mrs Chinwe Iloghalu’s appointment as Executive Director at Polaris Bank


TEXEM UK, a leading executive development consulting firm, is thrilled to congratulate Mrs Chinwe Iloghalu on her recent appointment as the Executive Director of Lagos and Corporate Banking at Polaris Bank.

This significant achievement is a testament to Mrs Iloghalu’s decisive, focused, responsive, and compassionate leadership style and her remarkable contributions to the growth and development of the organisations she has served and the financial services industry.

While Mrs Iloghalu’s career in the banking sector began after she completed her studies in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Benin, her leadership journey was from birth having been blessed to be inspired by an iconic father who rose to become an executive director of a leading multinational pharmaceutical company at the age of 40. She started her banking career as a corps member and later joined Ecobank Nigeria Plc.

Her dedication, hard work, charisma and dexterity in managing change propelled her to positions of increasing responsibility, where she made significant contributions to renowned institutions such as Zenith Bank and Fidelity Bank.

With over 25 years of experience in the banking industry, Mrs Iloghalu can demonstrate a commendable track record of achievements. She possesses over 15 years of leadership and senior management experience at banks with impressive competitive advantages in Nigeria. Her most recent role as General Manager and Regional Bank Head at Fidelity Bank PLC showcased her exceptional abilities in effective stakeholder engagement, visioning, and empowering clients to thrive.

For example, her contributions to nation-building by contributing to Fidelity Bank’s pedigree in championing excellent service delivery for SMEs demonstrate her unparalleled commitment to driving inclusive economic growth and empowering entrepreneurs.

At Zenith Bank, she contributed to the profitable growth of critical financial clusters in Lagos. In the process, she unlocked great value and made an indelible impact at Zenith Bank by building strong networks, leveraging valuable connections in the ecosystem and creating sustainable value and optimising profitability for the benefit of key stakeholders.

Mrs Iloghalu’s success thus far reflects her capability and commitment to lifelong learning. For example, she possesses competence in digital marketing, customer Engagement, Planning and Analytics for value addition.

She participated in the TEXEM executive development programme on the 16th and 17th of October 2019 on Developing Interpersonal Influence, addressing Vulnerability, and achieving Authenticity for value creation. TEXEM proudly commends Mrs Iloghalu for her strategic leadership and outstanding contributions to the banking industry.

Her ability to engage stakeholders, embrace visionary outlooks, and foster collaboration and innovation is commendable. It explains why she was chosen as the President of her cohort. As the President of the Alumni Network of her cohort, Mrs Iloghalu has demonstrated exceptional communication skills, emotional intelligence, and an ability to inspire and influence others.

Her appointment as Executive Director is a testament to her competence, capability, and potential to drive success for Polaris Bank, even in the face of challenges.

As Executive Director of Lagos and Corporate Banking at Polaris Bank, Mrs Iloghalu is well prepared to lead a range of strategic responsibilities to drive growth and profitability. She has the requisite strategic leadership quotient required to develop and implement strategies, oversee risk management frameworks, champion a learning culture, and build relationships with key stakeholders.

TEXEM believes that she has what it takes to ensure regulatory compliance, manage financial resources, and maintain the bank’s reputation and customer satisfaction.

Dr Alim Abubakre, Founder of TEXEM, UK, opines: “Chinwe has a growth mindset as she reflects the maxim that leaders are learners, which epitomises the evergreen ethos of President John F Kennedy who articulated that ‘Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other’.

Her impressive capability to inspire her team and support young professionals to unleash their full potential, always encouraging them to be their best despite challenges, sets her apart. Her recent appointment is a call to do more with less, unlock scarce value for the benefit of society and consolidate her legacy as a vibrant strategic leader”.

TEXEM firmly believes that Mrs Chinwe Iloghalu’s appointment as Executive Director at Polaris Bank marks an exciting new chapter in her distinguished career.

Her exceptional skills, experience, and dedication to excellence will undoubtedly contribute to the bank’s continued success and positive impact on the Nigerian banking industry.

We wish her the best in her new role and are confident that she will excel in leading Polaris Bank’s Lagos and Corporate Banking division to new heights of lofty achievements.