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Trusteeship is for everyone, including you

Trusteeship is for everyone, including you

You work hard for your cash, big pile or small. Naturally, you want it protected and passed to relevant parties after you are gone. That is where trustees come in, and they are not just for folks with private jets and islands. It is not about how much you have but about making it work.

Like a tax consultant saves you from tax headaches, a Trustee plans your estate. Think of a trustee as your financial best friend forever, one who organizes your assets and, most importantly, gives you the peace of mind that your financial future is secure, even when life gets unpredictable.

Here is why you might consider trusteeship services:

Caring for loved ones with special needs: Those with disabilities often need lifelong financial support. A trustee safeguards their assets and manages their income responsibly, ensuring their financial security and protecting them from potential exploitation.

Ageing without losing control: Let’s face it- we will all get old. But that does not mean losing control of your finances. A trustee can manage the day-to-day affairs while you still make the big decisions. Think of it as a backup for your brain, so your money keeps working for you even if your energy for spreadsheets fades.

Avoiding family feuds: Sometimes, hard-earned money can turn loved ones against each other. A trustee takes the emotion out of it. They follow the plan you set, ensuring your wishes are respected and minimizing any potential for messy family drama down the line. With a trustee, you can ensure that your wealth doesn’t become a source of contention among your loved ones.

Protecting your children: We love them, but handing a teenager their inheritance is a recipe for bad decisions. A trustee acts based on the Trust Deed and your instructions and ensures your children have a safety net, preventing impulsive purchases and bad financial decisions.

Making your passion last: Are you passionate about a cause? A trustee can manage funds to ensure your favourite charity receives support even after you’re gone. This turns your generosity into a lasting legacy, inspiring others to continue your philanthropic efforts.

Corporate trust services: Most businesses take loans to stay afloat. A trustee advises how best to use your collateral to get the best loans to sustain your business.

Are you curious? FCMB Trustees is your go-to trusteeship service provider. They will customize a plan to keep your assets safe and ensure your legacy is just how you want it.

Services provided by FCMB Trustees include:

Debenture/ Security Trust Services (Consortium/ Syndicated lending)

Bonds/ Debt Issuance Trust Services (Government & Corporate)

Mutual Funds/ Collective Investment Schemes Trust Services

Estate Planning – Wills and Living Trusts

Education Trusts

Endowment Fund/ Foundation Management


Ready to take the first step? Log on to www.fcmbtrustees.com or send an email to [email protected] to begin your journey towards securing your financial future and protecting your legacy with FCMB Trustees.