• Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Tirex Petroleum says it is responsible, fair and transparent in its operations


Tirex Petroleum and Energy Limited, Nigeria’s most active drilling rig contractor, has said it is a responsible corporate citizen of Nigeria, and is fair and transparent in all its business operations. The company made the assertion in reaction to a petition, where a faceless group, Association of concerned citizens, made some scathing remarks against Tirex Petroleum and Energy Limited and its sister company, Still Earth Limited.

Joanne Tolulope, Legal and Compliance Manager of the company, denied all the allegations levelled against Tirex Petroleum and Energy Limited by the petitioners, saying they are averse to the company’s well-known operating standards.

“The allegations made by the so-called group are in complete contrast with our working ethos at Tirex PE which is well known by the stakeholders within the industry. As a company, whose vision is to become the preferred premier drilling contractor in the Nigerian oil and gas industry, we are committed to being responsible, fair and transparent in all our dealings across board.”

She went on to say that, “as operators in the oil and gas industry, we engage in partnerships with both local and international companies who, not only operate within the ambits of the local laws but also submit themselves to international laws and conventions. This reality, therefore, places a huge responsibility on us to abide by the global best practices in all we do.”

She informed that the success Tirex Petroleum and Energy Limited has enjoyed since inception, which the petitioners erroneously attributed to underhand dealings, is actually as a result of the company’s field expertise, team structure, working ethos, and strategic collaborations with distinguished partners.

“The promoters of Tirex PE have been part of the drilling service industry prior to the establishment of the company and have collective industry experience of over 35 years. We have built a strong reputation in the industry and our operations speak for us. We have boosted the local content contribution in the oil and gas industry, created jobs for our teeming youths and contributed to the overall economic development of the country.”

She noted that the unassailable reputation as a responsible corporate player in the oil and gas sector, which Tirex Petroleum and Energy Limited has built over the years of its operations, is too dear for the company to sacrifice on the altar of underhand and unprofessional dealings.

The Legal and Compliance Manager wondered why the petitioners who said in the inglorious letter that they have evidence to prove their allegations, resorted to threats, instead of availing themselves of their much-touted unfettered access to the law enforcement agencies.

“It is shocking that the petitioners, who claimed to be in custody of proofs to substantiate their allegations as well as having access to both local and international investigating agencies, resorted to bogus threats instead of presenting such proofs to the security agencies for prompt action. We challenge them to take their so-called damning evidence to the law enforcement agencies and quit the media posturing.”

Joanne, who further informed that the company has instructed its lawyers to follow up on the petition for redress, reiterated the company’s determination to carrying out its operations in compliance with due process, fairness and equity.

“While our lawyers follow up on the petitioners for redress on the injury they have inflicted on our brand, be rest assured that we will continue to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and integrity, which we are known for, as we carry out complex projects and deliver value to our clients and partners,” she concluded.