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The Institute for Work and Family Integration is set to hold its seventh work and family conference

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As part of its commitment to provide solutions for a fulfilled family life and enhanced work productivity, the Institute for Work and Family Integration will hold its seventh Work and Family Conference on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022, at Civic Centre, Victoria Island Lagos.
Speaking at a pre-event press statement, the Chairman of the Institute, Rt. Hon. Chevalier Charles A. Osezua OON stated that this Conference which debuted in 2014 will provide an opportunity for businesses and practitioners to come together to discuss new trends and challenges in the field of human resources as it pertains work-life balance and productivity. More specifically, it will serve as platform for attendees to discuss issues relating to going beyond balance to employers implementing families’ friendly policies for better family, better business, and better society.

Speaking on the choice of this year’s Conference themed The Work, the Worker, and the Workforce, Rt. Hon. Osezua OON said that given the increased recognition by Organisation in the need to pay close attention to their employee experience in the workplace and how it affects their productivity or lack of it, there is now a new shift in the human resources space namely Humanistic Management, which is a distinct perspective on management in which people matter. While it is agreed that human resources, human capital, and humans are an organisation’s important asset, meaning that our people are a means to the end of an organisation’s goal or purpose say productivity or shareholder value, none of these addresses the intrinsic value of employee as human beings primarily, and not as tool. The humanistic management approach focuses on the intrinsic value and dignity of employee and how that dignity or lack thereof affects the organisation’s bottom line as well as the society at large.
Consequently, the Institute has drawn up experts from the academia, public and private sector to serve as discussants. A select group of 100 decision-makers including CEOs, senior executives, human resource directors, and people managers will come together to show how to gain the edge in the New Strategic Imperatives in the current world of Work, the Workers, and the Workforce. The discussants will proffer insights on the new dynamics and nuances of employee employment, as well as address issues surroundings mental health and immigration.
The confirmed speakers include:
• Funke Amobi: Regional Head of People and Culture, Standard Bank Group, West Africa.
• Enitan Oyenuga: HRD, Jumia Nigeria.
• Pai Gamde: Chief Talent Officer, Coronation Group.
• Yemi Faseun: Chief Talent Officer, YF Talent Partners.
• Usen Udoh: Business and HR Thought Leader, Dangote Group.
• Ayodeji Ajibola: CPHR, Guinness Nigeria Limited.
The Conference is an annual initiative of Institute of Work and Family Integration – a registered limited by guaranteed organization committed to providing solutions through research and advocacy to work and family created by socio-demographic shifts.

Institute for Work and Family (IWFI)
The Institute for Work and Family Integration (IWFI) is an NGO that was formed in 2004 with the aim of providing solutions through research and advocacy to work and family conflicts created by socio-demographic shifts. The institute is aimed at solving the challenges that emerge due to interactions between the workplace and family responsibilities. Over the years the institute has used various means to address these issues through intervention programs. We hold conferences to share the thoughts of experts as well as results of research studies conducted. To ensure that this is achieved, we invite prominent experts in different fields in management to come share their experiences with other managers and CEOs on how they can use their experiences to improve the workplace culture for their employees in order to improve productivity. These have had a tremendous impact in the past years. The programs currently run by the Institute include:
A. Activities for the business community:
1. Work-Life Integration training (A workshop for Human Resource professionals on work family integration as well as retreats for organizations on improved productivity through enhancing work and family life).

B. Activities for the family:
1. Executive Teachers’ Program in Integral Student Education.
2. Family advisory seminar.
3. Married couples relationship program.

C. Activities within the society in general:
1. Work and Family Conference.

D. Research.

For Enquiries, Contact:
Institute for Work and Family Integration
No 1/5, Owel Linkso Street, Dreamworld Africana / Orchid Hotel Way,
2nd Toll Plaza (before VGC Roundabout) Lekki,
Lagos, Nigeria.
[email protected]
(+234) 816 053 7922
(+234) 816 053 7933
Website: www.iwfionline.org