• Sunday, May 26, 2024
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The Business Women Hub conference 2024 themed: Female Inclusion: A step to forging a better world.

The Business Women Hub conference 2024 themed: Female Inclusion: A step to forging a better world.

The 2024 edition of the annual Business Women Hub Conference which held on Tuesday 26th March, 2024 in line with the International Women’s Day focus on female inclusion had its theme centered on:

Mrs. Ini Abimbola, Vice President of the Sustainability Society of Nigeria, emphasized the critical importance of empowering women in business during her keynote speech at the conference. In her statement, she highlighted the need for women to maximize their online presence amidst competitors, emphasizing strategies to ensure they do not undersell themselves while staying relevant and becoming the go-to vendor in their respective fields.

In her keynote speech at the conference she stressed that in today’s digital age, establishing a strong online presence is essential for women entrepreneurs to thrive. She encouraged them to leverage social media platforms, e-commerce websites, and other digital tools to showcase their products or services effectively. By utilizing targeted marketing strategies and engaging with customers online, women can expand their reach and compete more effectively in the market.

In her statement, she emphasized the importance of valuing their worth and not settling for less than they deserve. She urged women to confidently communicate their value proposition, emphasizing the unique qualities and strengths they bring to the table. By setting fair prices for their products or services and refusing to compromise on their worth, women can establish themselves as respected vendors in their industries.

Additionally, Mrs. Abimbola highlighted the significance of staying relevant in an ever-evolving business landscape. She encouraged women to continuously innovate and adapt to changing market trends and consumer preferences. By staying informed about industry developments and investing in ongoing learning and skill development, women can position themselves as trusted authorities and go-to experts in their fields.

In conclusion, Mrs. Ini Abimbola’s keynote speech provided valuable insights and inspiration for women in business, emphasizing the importance of maximizing their online presence, valuing their worth, staying relevant, and becoming the go-to vendor in their respective industries. Her empowering message served as a guiding light for women seeking to achieve success and fulfillment in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ubong Ita (CEO Koboaccountant) Linda Ochugba ( Head, Digital Advert Businessday/SME business expert) Imelda Usoro – Olaoye (Founder, Business Women Hub) Ayo Bankole ( CEO, Caladium Consulting )

The conference featured a welcome address by the founder of Business Women Hub and Managing Partner Thinkmint Nigeria, Mrs. Imelda Usoro-Olaoye. In her speech, Mrs. Olaoye gave a brief summary of the Business Women Hub and also appreciated key organizations who supported the event.

She also stated that The Business Women Hub is a community positioned for the growth of female-owned businesses, with a special focus on those businesses that are still within their first five years of existence. Registered members of the community span over 1,200 women and spread into other African countries, as well as businesses owned by female Nigerians living in the diaspora. “We keep building, day by day, a network of highly skilled female entrepreneurs by providing them with valuable information, access to markets, finance, and new opportunities.”

Mrs Olaoye noted that since 2020 to date, the community has been a year of growth for many members. The sheer amount of capacity building that members had received, if implemented, will scale up their businesses. The founder mentioned that many small businesses fail because their owners mistake their passion for a field, and the desire to run a business in that field rather than actually carrying out the major parts of running a business, if their passion is to have a safe haven. In her final statement, she mentioned that the community Business Women Hub provided these and more, with a mantra to all potential, new, old, and founding members that states, “Love your passion but know your business”, while we catch you young. She thanked partners and sponsors who contributed to raising the level of some businesses within the community to a higher level.

A member of the BWH Patron Mrs Ini-obong Obinna- Onunkwo , MD Little Weavers Africa gave a deep insight into the activities of the community since inception. Mrs Onunkwo stated that the community which was born in May 2020 had since over time provided its members with an opportunity to own free online stores via the www.businesswomenhub.com.ng portal, access to general business workshops, daily training on sales, marketing, business positioning, and structuring, as well as access to funding via the BWH Esusu.

Speakers at the event also included: Gusi Tobby Lordwilliams- Social Impact Strategist, Communications Expert, specialized in PR and Media relations, Abiola Adelana – Head, Tourism Business, Sterling Bank, Olubunmi Ebhomenye – Director, Talent Academy, Flour Mills Nigeria), Dr Ella Chioma Ezeadilieje PhD- Brand Influencer/Storyteller, Mosunmola Nicole Akinwamide- Chief Experience Officer/Founder, IPC Events/INVENTAA, Linda Ochugbua Head , Digital Media , BusinessDay Media/SME Business Expert, Ubong Ita- Founder/CEO Kobo accountant, Ayo Bankole- Strategy & Transformation Professional, Caladium Consulting, Sarah Samuel Amana- Personal Finance/Expert.

The conference featured a celebration of young female entrepreneurs through the maiden edition of the Business Women Hub Recognition Awards, where 7 thriving and ceiling shattering business owners where awarded in accordance with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for women, which seeks to realize the human rights of all and to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. They are integrated and indivisible and balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social, and environmental.

This was done to recognize women’s resilience & drive. The awardees at this year’s edition of the conference included : Dr Yetty Oyinlola Ogunnubi, CEO, YD Company; Tope Tinubu- Founder & Lead Planner, White Orange Management ; Odunayo Taiwo- Founder Oduncreamz Cakes, Itoro Akrasi- Founder Teerasi Empire, Fortune Anyanso Founder, Clean Brush Fortunes Homes Enterprise, Aisha Mustapha , Founder Bimwunmi Nigeria Limited and Bunmi Dayo Ayeni, Executive Director, Energy Connoisseur LLC