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Strategic leadership is required for success in a digital age, former UK minister for Africa


TEXEM UK is pleased to present its highly anticipated August programme, “Strategic Leadership for Success in a Digital Age.” This transformative event, taking place from August 21 to 24, 2023, offers an exclusive opportunity for Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors, CEOs, Chief Investment Officers, and COOs to unlock the full potential of strategic leadership and drive their organisations to unprecedented success in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Unleashing Your Leadership Potential:
The programme offers an impressive array of benefits, starting with a 5-night stay at the luxurious DoubleTree by Hilton hotel, providing a conducive environment for immersive learning and the perfect setting for networking and knowledge-sharing with fellow industry leaders. Beyond accommodations, the programme also includes an enlightening visit to a renowned tourist destination and a unique working visit to a leading company, where you’ll gain firsthand insights into strategies that drive real-world success.

A Path to Excellence:
TEXEM UK recognises that staying ahead in the digital age requires more than just an understanding of cutting-edge technology. Hence, the programme focuses on empowering participants with the requisite skills and knowledge needed to become exceptional leaders who can drive their organisations to unparalleled success.

Why Should You Attend?
The benefits of participating in this programme are manifold, positioning you as a strategic leader prepared to excel in the digital era:
• Enhanced Leadership Abilities: Participants will refine their leadership skills, equipping them to steer their organisations towards optimal results.

• Embrace Technological Advancements: Staying abreast of the latest technological tools is crucial in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Participants will discover how to leverage digital advancements to gain a competitive edge.

• Driving Positive Change: Developing the right action plans is essential for positive change within an organisation. Participants will learn effective strategies to foster progressive transformations.

• Resilience and Tenacity: In times of adversity, a strong positive attitude is the driving force behind success. This programme will empower you to lead your organisation confidently, even when faced with challenges.

• Turning Challenges into Opportunities: By honing their managerial competence, participants will master the art of transforming organisational challenges into profitable opportunities.

• Digital Risk Management: Equip yourself with the requisite skills to identify threats early on, leveraging digital technology to safeguard your organisation from potential collapse.

A World-Class Faculty:
At the heart of this exceptional programme are eminent and distinguished personalities who bring their wealth of experience in public and private practice as well as in academia to the table. The faculty lineup includes:
– Professor John Peters
– Professor Paul Griffith
– Ambassador Charles Crawford
– Sir James Duddridge
An In-Depth Programme:

Throughout the four-day programme, participants will delve into vital topics that shape successful strategic leadership in the digital age:
▪ Leading Renewal and Profitable Growth: Understand the principles behind driving renewal and profitable growth to maintain a competitive edge.

▪ Leading Innovation and Inspiring Digital Transformations: Embrace innovation and navigate successful digital transformations to adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

▪ Developing Organisational Capability: Build organisational capability to thrive in the face of challenges and embrace new opportunities.

▪ Assessing Organisational Purpose for Success: Evaluate and align your organisation’s purpose to ensure sustained success.

▪ Developing an Action Plan for Change: Learn how to create effective action plans to facilitate transformative change within your organisation.

▪ Enhancing Strategic Possibilities and Direction: Explore actionable success models to drive your organisation’s strategic direction in a challenging and dynamic environment.

▪ Integrating Strategy with Execution Infrastructure: Seamlessly execute your strategies to achieve your organisational goals.

A Proven Methodology:
TEXEM UK would deploy a diverse range of learning tools, including discussions, role-play, presentations, company visits, short videos, and games, to foster a rich and immersive learning experience. Our methodology, which involves case studies and tested approaches, will enhance your cognitive skills, analytical rigour, and decision-making capabilities. Moreover, it will strengthen your interpersonal skills, stakeholder engagement credentials, communication prowess, leadership quotient, and team spirit.

Rt Hon James Duddridge, Former Minister for Africa and member of parliament stated that “providing leadership in politics and business has become progressively more difficult. There is no news cycle; there is a constant and immediate flow of information with low barriers to access. Any fool can get online, and they do.

The digital age is a great opportunity, but there are also risks. A thriving political career or business can be killed in a tweet or even a retweet. Business and political leaders need to understand all their utterances can be sent around the world with a click of a mouse.

Leaders need to be consistent in communications; this is widely understood. What is less well understood is the need for safe spaces to develop ideas, test concepts, and challenge conventional wisdom away from the glare of the digital age.

For UK politicians, the corridors of the House of Commons, the tea room and the smoking room, where smoking is not allowed, but alcohol flows, provide such safe spaces. I always make a big decision in politics by popping into the tea room, but I frequently do not check social media before taking a view on an issue.

Leaders need old, trusted friends, a hinterland away from the cut and thrust. You can be a High Court Judge or PM, but your mum, husband or child will put you in your place and are often great sounding boards for a whack of reality, killing or repackaging a bad idea. My 12-year-old daughter saved me from doing something daft only this week.

Leaders need a safe space to evolve and refine into a clear pitch to which people will rally. A private court around the King (or leader) is required now more than ever in a digital age.

With global economic challenges of high inflation, managing in a fluctuating foreign exchange world, rising operating costs and stiff international competition, global leaders must understand the pitfalls and opportunities of a digital age. Texem is well placed to provide a forum to discuss these issues and unite global leaders in a safe space to reflect, return and lead.”

Ifeanyi Ani, CEO of Total Pension CPFA, TEXEM alumni, remarked … “My favourite thing about the programme would be…drawing our attention again to… change, which has been a constant in life experiences, you know, change in our lives, change, you know, in businesses,…the evolution of businesses and the way we do things…discussions, for example, on cyber security and mental health, which is not just equipping us to know what is happening around us, even equipping us personally, our mental health, paying attention to also the ever evolving cyber security… Those are things I would say that made it very, very interesting.”
“… I found that it’s quite a new approach of workshop than I’m used to because I’ve attended so many workshops organised by other organisations.” “But I found that the approach made by TEXEM is quite different.” “…first of all, when I found that the first day of the program would be visits to Shakespeare’s birthplace and also to visit a chocolate factory, I was sceptical. So I said, I’m in love with Shakespeare, but I just said, what is it to do with business or whatever it is? But then after the visit and then to the two places and coming back and then I could see the collaboration between what I’m supposed to know, and I really could understand the issues there.”- said Ambassador Mustafa Sam, Non-Executive Director, Jaiz Bank.

Secure Your Place:
Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to unlock your leadership potential and equip yourself with the tools needed to excel in a digital age. To apply or learn more, visit us at TEXEM UK’s Strategic Leadership Programme or contact us directly at +447425883791 or via email at [email protected].

TEXEM UK’s August programme promises to be a transformative experience, propelling you towards tremendous success in an ever-evolving business landscape. Embrace the future with confidence and join us on this enriching journey.