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Strategic Leadership for Success in an Unknown Tomorrow by Caroline Lucas

UK expert urges Nigerian organisations to identify business threats opportunities

Ask any successful leader about their secrets to excellence in leadership, and you’ll realise that preparing for an unknown tomorrow is one of them. As an executive or organisational leader, you have to lead your team into the uncertain, unclear and unknown future perhaps more so now when we are facing an unprecedented pandemic. Indeed, we are living in times where leaders have to change their plans since some old school strategies and management practices might not work now.

Turns out, while tomorrow remains unknown we can accurately predict that it will happen whether you are prepared to face it or not. Interestingly, you can also create a plan as a leader for tomorrow, next week, or next month, but when that time comes, the reality might not play out as you had designed or hoped. It hurts, but that is the beauty of tomorrow. You can plan a lot about it, but the fact remains that you won’t control it. So, what should you do about it? Should you just wait to see how it unfolds before you? Obviously, you cannot do that as a leader. Here’s the secret. Yes, you cannot control the future, but you can develop your competence to optimise your decision-making, influence, impact and shape it.

To help you learn the art of influencing and shaping the future through strategic leadership, TEXEM, UK wishes to invite your organisation to a four-day executive development programme tagged ‘Strategic Leadership for Success in an Unknown Tomorrow’. As a leading and innovative provider of learning platforms for leaders, our services have always inspired many leaders over the years. Since 2010, TEXEM has expanded her reach, and glad to be part of the success stories of many organisations whose leaders are active participants in her executive development programmes. For a one-minute video about the programme, please visit https://youtu.be/CwYhXD9QgFc

The forthcoming TEXEM programme will equip leaders with requisite insights into actionable strategies required to thrive despite the disruptive, fast-paced, uncertain and challenging operating landscape. More specifically, it will focus on some of the best tools that organisational leaders can use to secure success presently and even as we move into the unknown tomorrow. TEXEM’s interest is to help leaders focus on the bigger picture (goals) even during these disruptive times when being a leader requires resilience, agility and a visionary outlook to tackle the never-ending challenges and win.

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As the organisation have always done, TEXEM gives you a chance as an executive from your organisation to benefit from their tested and proven methodology that consistently help organisations to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. During this programme, you would learn from world-renowned leaders, scholars and award-winning strategic leadership experts. To paint the right picture of what to expect, some of the faculties that would deliver this programme will include insightful Gerald Baldwin, Director, Cadbury World and prolific, as well as the pragmatic Ambassador Charles Crawford. But that’s not all. Others are world-renowned London Business School trained Professor Paul Griffith of Ashridge and the eminent University of Cambridge trained Ambassador Dr Rachel Aron.

If you’ve read some of the works of these TEXEM’s eminent faculties or watched their coaching presentations or listened to testimonials from the hundreds of organisations that they have helped transform, you would know that they would help you challenge assumptions, enhance your; self, team, organisational and societal leadership.

TEXEM has designed a well-balanced schedule to help you get the maximum benefits of attending this programme. As usual, the activities during the meeting will comprise impactful live sessions, peer to peer learning, games, group/individual activities and moments of self-reflection. With such well-blended activities, the programme will optimise the capabilities of leaders to anticipate, inspire, interpret, conceptualise, decide, influence, align, and grow to achieve sustainable success, especially in an uncertain clime.

Since we are left with a few slots, we invite your organisation to confirm participation in this programme as soon as possible to avoid being locked out of such an insightful and impactful programme. So, we encourage you to apply to reserve your place as soon as possible. The programme will run between the 16th and 19th of August 2021 at the Hilton Garden Inn, Birmingham, UK. The cost is £3300/2,343,000 Naira, which covers your visa support, study materials, two tourist visits, five nights of hotel accommodation, and most meals during the programme, group picture, and certification.

TEXEM, UK is cognisant of the fact that we are living in times of a pandemic. Therefore, for one reason or the other, we understand that some leaders or organisations might not be able to send representatives to attend the programme. For the benefit of such organisations and any other individuals who might be unable to go off-shore due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we have an offer for you. There will be a one-day live session at Radisson Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos on the first day, while the participants can join via zoom for the remaining three days from day two in a Hybrid version (of face-to-face and virtual live sessions). The programme fee for the Hybrid version is £2300, meaning you save a whopping £1000. The cost covers study materials, group pictures, and certification.

Being a strategic organisational leader means having the skills and ability to steer clearly into the future even in complex and disruptive times as the present and future operating context depicts. It is a fact that COVID 19 has created pressure in organisations. As a leader, you are responsible for guiding through the pandemic and bringing the innovation or change that is required. You now have an opportunity to learn how to do so by attending the forthcoming programme. Please apply through https://texem.co.uk/strategic-leadership-for-success-in-an-unknown-tomorrow/ or call +447425 883791 or email [email protected].

Highly interactive and very practical. High profile speakers with excellent pedigree and track record of professional achievements. Provided networking among participants. Previous TEXEM delegate, Dayo Babatunde, Former Senior Partner, Ernst and Young

I regard the These Executive Minds Executive Education programme as the best I have attended in recent times. Not one of them, but the very best as it was humanly perfect
Previous TEXEM delegate, Peter Atolo Irene, CEO, International Energy Insurance Company

I found this program very, very rewarding. In the past, I always had a way of thinking that the matter of sustainability-related only to policy matters but during this programme, it has been broken down into the company level, and for me, there are several takeaways that I hope to begin implementing once I get back home.
Previous TEXEM delegate, Frank Algbogun, CEO and Publisher Businessday

My experience in this program has been quite enormous…The organisers, we saw that they prepared for us, and they were quite good, quite sociable, and quite academic, and we had discussion platforms that were divided into groups. On a general note, TEXEM is laying a foundation that will grow like an iroko tree.
Previous TEXEM delegate, Godson Mark Torukuru – Former Chair Bayelsa State Internal Rev.

The content of the program has been rich and educative, refreshing, enlightening and thought-provoking. I enjoyed this program, and I am looking forward to another programme.
Previous TEXEM delegate, Andy Uwejeyan, Managing Director A&J Construction Company

The issues discussed actually changed my view of the government… The session is illuminating and fascinating in the sense that in developing economy like Nigeria, the government actually plays a significant role. Previous TEXEM delegate, Olanrewaju Bakare – Director of Finance and Strategy, Pan African Capital.

The programme is an excellent one, it’s a world-class Institute, looking at the quality of materials, the quality of the Facilitators, I think it’s a world-class programme, it could be anywhere in the world, and it’s a good standard
Glory O. Idehen, Director of E-Training, C.B.N.

It’s a very insightful and worthy programme on Leadership and Executive Management. It has opened my eyes to understanding that you also have to be an effective follower to be an effective leader. Therefore, I need to surround myself with people.
Hakeem Muriokunola, Lagos State, Head of Service.

Sen. Ibrahim Hassan Hadejia, another previous participant, said: “I like the qualities of the faculties; they are first class faculties that know what they are doing as well as the flexibility of the programme.”

We are encouraged to participate and being assessed really keeps us on our toes. Our visit to Cadbury World and Shakespeare’s birthplace were practical teachings.”

Hon. Akin Alabi on his part said, “The case studies, interactive and quiz segments get you fully engaged. The interactive sessions make you engaged and engrossed and in line increases assimilation and learning.”

According to Hon. Olumide A. Ojerinde, “I have been able to identify where my lapses are and make a change in my leadership skills.”

For Hon. Chinedu Ogah, the programme was worth it. “We have been taught about quality leadership for legislation in Nigeria, we have been taught integration among our people. We were taught different ways of rendering solutions.

“I am taking the lessons here back into my legislation, to my constituency, to my local government, to my ward and to my polling unit.”

According to Hon. Ahmadu Jaha, “The programme is very educative and inspiring particularly the resource persons. They are people of integrity.”

Also sharing his experience, Hon. Shehu Balarabe, said: “What I cherished most about this programme is seriousness. I have not found such dedication anywhere. The programme was well organized. You can see what they are teaching us in the faces of the professors.”