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Strategic leadership for enduring impact during volatile periods – Roger Delves

How Can Leaders Optimise Their Impact – Professor Roger Delves

Professor Roger Delves is Associate Dean and Professor of Practice at Ashridge Executive Education, Hult International Business School. At the forthcoming TEXEM, UK’s “Strategic Leadership For Enduring Impact During Volatile Periods” executive development programme, scheduled to take place virtually, from April 15 – 6 May 2023, world-renowned; Professor Roger Delves, Ambassador Charles Crawford, Professor Paul Griffith and Professor Rodria Laline would deliver this programme. Professor Roger Delves is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and educated at the University of Oxford. He shares insights on this programme in this interview.

Strategic Leadership For Enduring Impact During Volatile Periods
Hello, please can you tell us about yourself? I’m a professor of leadership and management practice with experience that dates back over 44 years in international advertising (my first career) and (since 1996) in management development and education. I have worked in several top business schools, written books and chapters and countless articles on leadership and management. I have been on the board of an impactful MNE at the age of 30, and I have helped thousands of organisations to win. I am an alumnus of Oxford, and I have developed self-awareness from an early age and have been blessed to have studied with some of the world leaders, some of whom are still making a positive difference in many spheres of life.

What will you be doing in TEXEM UK’s April 2023 programme, ‘Strategic Leadership For Enduring Impact During Volatile Periods’? I’ll be delivering an interactive workshop that looks at how leaders who are well-versed in thinking and acting strategically will be well-placed to make an impact throughout periods of turbulence and change. This TEXEM programme will help challenge assumptions, offer fresh insights and inspire leaders to aspire to do more with less, inspire their team to develop innovative solutions and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Tell us about your professional experiences and how will you apply this in assisting the Global/African Leader in developing the requisite skillsets to handle the present leadership challenges they are facing?

I have spent many years in senior leadership roles, including roles on boards and advisory boards and as an advisor, mentor and coach to board directors and C-suite executives. I have taught in Europe, Africa, America, Australia, India, China and many other parts of Asia, both teaching Masters level students and teaching in the company and open courses.

I have taught thousands of executives literally through several different crises, including the Falklands War, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Credit Crunch, the Austerity Years, the Covid Crisis and now the Ukraine War and its consequences, alongside the growing threats of climate change crisis, the ever-increasing influence of China as a world power and so on. I am well versed in sharing best practices of lessons across diverse contexts, which will benefit all leaders. My approach entails helping leaders to develop the capacity to turn challenges into opportunities.

How do you intend to carry out the task of delivering the purpose of TEXEM UK’s April 2023 programme? I have taught for almost thirty years. I have always believed that participants must be engaged if they are to learn, and to be engaged, they must be constantly rewarded.

So I intend to create a constantly rewarding experience that will engage participants to maximise their learning experience. I will also leverage TEXEM’s tested and proven methodology, making learning fun, memorable and impactful on this programme. The TEXEM methodology comprises games, group discussion, role play and a gamified experience.

What possible experience should executives look forward to during TEXEM’s forthcoming programme titled ‘Strategic Leadership For Enduring Impact During Volatile Periods’, which holds between April 15 to May 6 2023 for the African Leader?

A relevant, purposeful, engaging, interactive and rewarding experience under the benign eye of a very experienced practitioner and with the directorship of the impactful TEXEM’s founder, Dr Alim Abubakre.

Do you have any doubts about the result of this programme, given that it is an entirely virtual programme?

The results of the programme will be very positive and beneficial. We are living in a digital world, and many of the stakeholders that we engage, we do this virtually.

Moreso, for the busy executive, it is easier for them to spend an average of one hour studying every day and three hours every weekend than to travel for four weeks. Furthermore, the content of this TEXEM programme is useful, pertinent and applicable. I am confident that if participants apply themselves diligently to the content and with TEXEM’s engaging customer support, I believe they will achieve results with which they will be delighted.

Why do executives need to plan to attend TEXEM UK’s April 2023 programme, ‘Strategic Leadership For Enduring Impact During Volatile Periods’?

Executives should participate in the TEXEM forthcoming programme because it will be an excellent opportunity to network and learn how to unlock scarce value in these turbulent times. The TEXEM methodology is also another reason that participants should attend as this assures quality, and this programme will help leaders and their organisations to shore up their core competence and capabilities to thrive.

What will the programme cover?

The programme will help executives see better and understand their approaches to addressing their contemporary strategic leadership issues. To help them understand better that despite the plethora of challenges, there is a myriad of opportunities for prepared leaders.

The programme will also equip them with actionable frameworks to help them make better decisions, inspire their team to act agilely and position their organisation for success.

How is the programme structured?

The TEXEM, UK Strategic Leadership For Enduring Impact During Volatile Periods, is a combination of self-paced study and live sessions. Participants will study for an average of one hour every day between April 15 to May 6, and there will be live sessions every Saturday for four weeks.

The experience has been gamified such that participants will get points ranked on a league table for every article read, video watched, and comment made. The top 5 on the league table will be recognised each weekend when we have the live sessions via zoom, during which different faculty will deliver.

For example, each live session on Saturday will have Professor Rodria Laline, Founding Director of Harvard Maximise your Board programme, Professor Paul Griffith, the world’s first Professor of Management to lead a team to launch a rocket, Ambassador Charles Crawford and I will deliver.

For more information, email [email protected] or register at https://texem.co.uk/strategic-leadership-for-enduring-impact-during-volatile-periods/