• Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Roxettes Motors, set to take Nigeria to the Electric Vehicles(EV) world map!


It is New Year! And there is an amazing and exciting piece of good news from Nigeria, which seems to be coming earlier than expected. The Electric Vehicle manufacturing industry is buzzing with the anticipated take-off of a brand-new indigenous car manufacturing company.

The enthralling news is that Nigeria appears to have embraced happenings at the global level, where the production of electric cars and hybrid electric vehicles, is not only increasing, but growing with supersonic speed.

Roxettes Eco-Drives Ltd has gained the recognition of the Government of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA as a strong force in driving the EV revolution and has been issued with the license as an indigenous car production firm to commence the full manufacturing and assembling of Electric, Gasoline, LPG, CNG and Hybrid vehicles in Nigeria.

The company’s brand of Vehicles will be known as ROXETTES MOTORS which has a unique logo that will be be unveiled within a few weeks.
Industry watchers say with this development, the country now appears serious about joining the trend around world and ready to take it’s rightful leading position in Africa.

Recall that late January 2021, the Federal Government declared that it has set a target of 2025 as a year to ensure that 30 per cent of locally manufactured and assembled vehicles in Nigeria are electric powered. It has offered a lot of incentives to Nigerians that will embrace these products and they include among other things, subsidies and making available solar powered charging stations along our highways.

The move is seen as a response to the global push for the manufacturing of eco-friendly vehicles especially against the backdrop of Nigeria being a signatory to the Paris club Agreement on Climate Change.

What Roxettes Motors Is Bringing
Roxettes Motors is set to become Nigeria nay Africa’s Tesla equivalent, and with the full deployment of technology tools in the production process, will match Tesla Evs in the nearest future. Yet, if going by the pedigree of the Helmsman/Chief Executive Officer in driving blue chip companies to success is anything to go by, this ambition is surely attainable.
He has been described as a serial entrepreneur by many and a sharp-witted young business man.

The Helmsman/Chief Executive Officer of the company, Arc. Dr. Kaycee Orji, who is the Chairman of THE K.KH GROUP, said in an interview with some senior journalists at THE K.KH GROUP cooperate headquarters in Enugu that “Roxettes Eco-Drives Ltd will be involved in the production of cars (compact and subcompact cars, midsize sedans, SUVs, Buses, large Trucks and luxury cars), for a wide range of clientele not only in Nigeria but all across Africa.”

He said that Nigeria will experience real and practical technology transfers from South Korea, China, Europe and India in the Roxettes Motors brand of vehicles, noting that the car manufacturing company’s vision has been to build a car assembling plant whose cars will not only be seen on roads in Nigeria but all across the globe.

“In addition, our mission is to run a highly successful business entity that is known to manufacture durable and affordable automobiles for both the rich and the general populace. We want to be listed amongst the top 10 car brands Globally.

“Roxettes Motors brand of Electric Vehicles will be tough, affordable, comfortable and will come with high milage and a minimum of 4 years warranty on the batteries. No Fuel! No Noise, No routine servicings as it comes with no Engines. This will go down in history as the safest brands of vehicles in Nigeria that can drive between 5 to 25 days on full charge without plugging back to charging source. Our EVs will come with wall mounted DC Chargers that will take about 4-5hrs to get a full charge at home. However, floor mounted DC fast chargers take between 45-50mins to get a full charge.”

Orji, a seasoned architect, entrepreneur, and industrialist, stated that Roxettes Motors is well-positioned to take on the available market in Africa and expressed optimism that the Electric Vehicle manufacturing firm will meet its set target of generating enough income from the first few months of operation and grow its business and clientele base.

“We have been able to critically examine the car manufacturing market and we have analyzed our chances in the industry based on the location of our business and of course the wide range of cars that we will be rolling out from our car assembling plant,” he said.

Already, Roxettes Eco-Drives Ltd has been confirmed as a recognized manufacturer/assembler of Gasoline, Electric, LPG, and Hybrid vehicles in Nigeria, but they seem to be poised to launch into the Electric Vehicles(Ev) first.

Globally, the interest in driving Electric Vehicles has grown phenomenally over the years, Nigeria inclusive. Roxettes Motors entry into the Electric Vehicle (EV) market attests to the fact that the Nigerian economy is not only ripe but readily available to welcome the new global phenomenon.

It’s true that some people may argue the workability and success of EV in Nigeria due to the glaring epileptic nature of electricity supply in the country, but ”the fact that this brand of vehicles takes a few hours to get a full charge, and then run for weeks before coming back to the charging spot has actually answered many questions. Some everyday users might just have to charge it only 20 times in a year”- Dr. Orji in responding to some questions during the session at the K.KH GROUP headquarters.

“Beyond eliminating carbon emissions, Roxettes Electric Vehicle owners will no longer experience the nightmares associated with fuel scarcity as they will no longer be visiting filling stations but have charging stations at home. They would have no business worrying about the challenges of combustion engines and the health challenges that come with the emitted carbon. No worries with engaging the services of unskilled motor mechanics as we will set up charging Stations and vehicle maintenance outlets across Nigeria” Dr. Orji disclosed.