• Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Risevest promotes gender equality

Risevest promotes gender equality

Risevest reiterates its commitment to women and girls by sponsoring SATs and preparatory costs of two students to complete their undergraduate degree in the U.S.

The company emphasised the role of education in achieving gender equality as studies have shown that educating girls and women has a wide reaching impact, including better economic opportunities, health and social outcomes.

Head, Marketing, Risevest, Eneyi Obi, explained that the firm recognises the barrier women and girls face, such as lack of access, poverty and discrimination and are making efforts to break such barriers.

From L to R, Eneyi head of Marketing, Cherish Uwandu, Cherish’s mum and Tony Odiba Co-founder, CEO of Rise

“By paying for the SAT course, helping with the admission and travel process and providing additional support including future internships through the duration of the studies of these two young women, we hope to help them pursue their dreams and someday be in a position to contribute positively to their country, communities, and the world,” she said.

Explaining the selection process, Obi, said they reached out Managing Partner, Abigail St. Johns Advising and Formation Services, Ifeanyi Olagbaju, for collaboration on the project, who sent a shortlist of the top-performing students in some of the best schools in the country.

“And after our screening, we decided on two students, whose academic track records stood out for us and who, coincidentally, are women.

“We paid for the SAT registration and exam prep course of these two brilliant 16-year-olds to further their education abroad. The SAT is a standardised test used by many colleges and universities in the United States as part of their admissions process. And we’re proud to say that our candidates did outstandingly well in this test and other preparatory tests, applied to their schools of choice and are now waiting for a response,” she said.