• Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Qore’s cybersecurity workshop sets new standards for financial institutions to defend cyber threats

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Qore, the leading Banking-as-a-Service platform provider in Africa, successfully hosted an insightful cybersecurity workshop titled “Defend and Defeat: The Ultimate Guide for Cybersecurity in the Digital Era” on the 18th of April. The workshop garnered participation from a wide spectrum of professionals within the financial sector, delivering critical insights for countering cyber threats in the digital environment.

The workshop was meticulously curated to impart vital knowledge and actionable strategies for fortifying organizational cyber defenses. It showcased an array of esteemed speakers who expounded on the current cybersecurity challenges and the evolving landscape of digital threats. Key moments of the event included a keynote address, an insightful presentation by Qore, a panel discussion, and a showcase of cutting-edge innovations.

Speaking at the workshop, Mudiaga Umukoro, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Qore, highlighted the urgency for financial institutions to intensify their focus on cybersecurity, citing the increasing frequency of digital threats. He stated, “Qore has consistently delivered robust digital banking solutions, incorporating advanced frameworks to enhance product delivery. Recognizing the critical need for heightened cybersecurity, we are now sharing our expertise on best practices to construct a cyber-resilient organization, thereby mitigating potential incidents that could have significant financial repercussions.”

The workshop also included an exhibition that displayed innovative solutions and services from three cybersecurity firms in Nigeria: Autogon, Smart Comply, and Reporta. Autogon AI is a platform that democratizes adoption of artificial intelligence, making it accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise. Smart Comply is a fully automated cybersecurity compliance platform that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to make fast-growing businesses achieve and maintain cybersecurity compliance while Reporta is a non-profit that’s contributing its unique and effective quota to the fight against digital fraud in the financial services space. It is authored by a consortium of leading financial industry players, but structured for co-ownership by Banks, Fintechs, Insurance & pension firms and relevant regulators. This segment offered participants the chance to engage with advanced technologies and interact with industry experts.

The Chief Information Security officer at Unity Bank and a renowned cybersecurity expert, Zechariah Akinpelu delivered an engaging keynote speech, shedding light on driving cybersecurity compliance in the financial sector. He emphasized the path to achieving cybersecurity compliance within the financial sector, elaborating on essential frameworks and strategies for adherence to regulatory mandates and the integration of security solutions.

To further enrich the workshop, a panel session with Gbolabo Awelewa; Chief Solutions Officer at Cybervergent, Yaniv Ovitz; Chief Cyber Technology Officer at CyberSOC Africa, and Victor Olofinlade; Information Security Czar at Qore took place. This session was focused on building a Cyber resilient organization and the speakers provided insights into establishing resilient infrastructures, incorporating fraud detection into cybersecurity strategies, and pioneering methods to bolster fraud detection capabilities.

The workshop received praise for its informative content, engaging discussions, and practical insights. Participants left with a deeper understanding of cybersecurity challenges and actionable strategies to safeguard their digital assets.

This workshop further proves Qore’s commitment to fostering collaboration within the financial sector, positioning African financial institutions as safe and secure. Qore’s operations; people, technology and processes meet global cybersecurity standards, alongside Qore’s products. Qore remains devoted to advancing cybersecurity awareness and fostering collaboration within the industry.

To watch the full workshop recording, click here.

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