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Pricepally’s food initiative delivers hope to Dream Catchers Academy in the fight against hunger


Pricepally’s Mission to Alleviate Food Insecurity in Nigeria Gains Recognition and Momentum.

Lagos, September 21st, 2023– After creating a food intervention initiative in August 2023, Pricepally delivered the first batch of food items to Dream Catchers Academy, a non-profit organization for girls and women in Lagos, Nigeria.

In August 2023, Pricepally created a food intervention initiative to fight food inflation in Nigeria. The intervention program focused on vulnerable groups and orphanage homes, two groups feeling the deepest burn of food insecurity following the naira devaluation and the removal of the petrol subsidy in 2023. Jummai Abalaka, the co-founder of Pricepally, said the donation fits Pricepally’s objectives. “Our goal is to offer food security to as many people as possible, starting with orphanages, to ensure no child goes to bed hungry.”

In September, Pricepally delivered the first batch of food to Dream Catchers Academy after raising ₦150,000 through voluntary donations. “We feel excited and fulfilled to make our first delivery to Dream Catchers Academy,” Jummai remarked in excitement.

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The donation program aligns with Pricepally’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of zero hunger in Nigerian homes. Earlier in September 2023, the United Nations Development Program and the European Union recognized Pricepally as a profitable enterprise incorporating SDGs into business decisions. Pricepally believes the potential investment windfalls from the recognition will aid the food donation intervention launched in August 2023.

Therefore, Jummai is calling on willing volunteers for more monetary charity through the website to meet its minimum ₦300,000 target for the September donation round. She said, “We hope the food donation service gets bigger, and we sure need help and support to make this very impactful.”

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About Pricepally

Pricepally is an online grocery store for farm-fresh food and household supplies in Nigeria. Currently, the company operates in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. In August 2023, the company launched a food intervention initiative to fight hunger in Nigeria.