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 Perks of Living in a Tax-Free country


One of the major reasons why Dubai is a great attraction to expats and people willing to migrate and work at Dubai is because of its fair taxation system. Dubai is largely a tax-free country with massive tax advantages for those who live and work here, but there are circumstances in which you will be required to pay taxation in some form. Indeed, the idea of working in Dubai and having an opportunity to grow your personal wealth without tax reductions is extremely appealing.

  1. Beneficial For Your Business

If you’re starting a new business, there is a great appeal in setting up in a ‘tax-free’ haven like the UAE. Where better to begin than in a domicile which won’t eat into your profits and unduly test your arithmetic? Starting out your business in Dubai is a great idea for those willing to make a substantial profit in one of the fastest growing economies of the world. The UAE has fast become a major international financial and business center in a relatively short period of time because of The peculiarities of Dubai tax regulations which has become a major incentive for attraction the significant investment inflows from abroad.


  1. Double Taxation Agreement

Presently, Dubai has double taxation agreements with countries such as France, Spain, Armenia, Egypt, Russia and more.

Double taxation treaties are used to ensure that people don’t have to pay tax twice on the same income. However, not all agreements cover all types of income – for example, they might refer only to income from employment but not capital. It’s important to get advice if you think that one of these treaties might apply to your situation.

  1. Save your salary while you work

Income taxes take a huge percent of monthly earnings In a lot of countries around the world. For some, the taxes are deducted before the payment of salaries hence the Net and Gross salary. This makes it difficult for the average or low-income earners to save. Relocation to Dubai is advisable for professionals and highly skilled individuals to not only work at Dubai earning what they deserve but also keeping 100% of their salaries without having to pay taxes. With most major countries enforcing income taxes of 30–50 percent, that’s quite a saving.

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