• Friday, June 21, 2024
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P2Vest exceeds 200,000 users and sets ambitious goal to reach 1,000,000 users in 2023


Nigerian FinTech company P2Vest Technologies Limited has announced that it has exceeded 200,000 customers in just 27 months of operation. This impressive milestone is a testament to the rapid growth and adoption of P2Vest’s peer-to-peer lending platform, which connects verified lenders with eligible borrowers and promotes financial inclusion in Nigeria.

The team’s growth has served as a source of motivation that has led them to set an ambitious goal of hitting 1,000,000 subscribers before 2023 ends. Austine Abolusoro, the founder and CEO of P2Vest expressed his confidence in achieving this goal. He said, “We strongly believe we can hit this target. We have a team of individuals who are driven and passionate about serving the customer. We believe the smart work of our team combined with the strategic partnerships we have to propel P2Vest into international markets will help us achieve our goals”.

Samuel Abolusoro, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of P2Vest further expressed the company’s ambition by saying, “P2Vest has showcased a level of growth that makes it easy for us to envision the goals we have set. We particularly get our confidence from our customers. We’ve seen the positive feedback, so we know we are on the right track. All that’s left is to expand that effort and empower more people.”

The lending-borrowing feature is P2Vest’s key product, which gives them an edge over others. Credit-worthy Nigerians can borrow money for immediate needs like rent, school fees, and medical expenses, whilst simultaneously availing others the opportunity to make money by lending. This new system of borrowing and lending is revolutionary since it promotes financial inclusion and provides a source of passive income. It gives both the lending and borrowing power back to Nigerians.

P2Vest is one of the first set of lenders to be approved for digital lending under the new interim regulation set up by the Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC). This proves they are in line with the FCCPC’s framework and consumer right compliant; a big reason customers and partners trust them.
Top merchants, such as Cash N Carry, Panaserve, and others, have recently collaborated with P2Vest to provide their users with the Buy-Now, Pay Later (BNPL) option. In addition to this, P2Vest also offers the “BailMe” feature, which enables users to borrow directly from friends rather than “on-platform” lenders. In the upcoming months, there is a plan to unveil an insurance product that will make it simple for customers to protect their property using their phones.

The P2Vest App is available on Android Play and Apple IOS stores.