• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Over $600 million raised, countless opportunities unleashed: SAO, the Nigerian investment experts here to elevate your investments.

Meet the Nigerian investment group that raised over $600 million for various infrastructure development projects.

SAO Group is a Nigerian advisory and global investment group on a mission to take investments to the next level by facilitating the convergence of optimal investment and transformational projects. This mission is deeply rooted in the realities of Nigeria’s economic landscape. Our initiatives are grounded in a pragmatic understanding of emerging markets and a commitment to driving positive public policy impact. By leveraging African project development expertise and capital, at SAO, we seek to address Nigeria’s pressing infrastructure needs while catalysing sustainable growth.

Collaborating closely with institutions such as Africa’s Finance Corporation, SAO exemplifies the potential of African-led solutions to attract global financing. Through strategic partnerships and innovative approaches, we are pioneering a new era of infrastructure development in Nigeria, one that is driven by local expertise and tailored to meet the nation’s unique challenges.

Beyond the numbers, our story is one of empowerment and progress. It is a narrative shaped by the aspirations of millions and the transformative power of collective action. As Nigeria charts its course towards a brighter future, we stand at the forefront, leading the way with integrity, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to Nigeria’s prosperity.

SAO Group CEO, AYO Sotinrin at the Nordic Nigeria Connect event held in Lagos, Nigeria

Let’s delve into more on the investment initiatives and the boundless opportunities we have unleashed.

The Visionary Beginning:

Our journey is marked by determination and foresight. Originating as an investment and advisory firm, it quickly evolved into a catalyst for change across various sectors. Driven by a commitment to sustainable development, we embarked on a mission to tackle pressing challenges and foster economic growth in Nigeria.

Driving Change in Nigeria’s Key Sectors:

In response to Nigeria’s infrastructural deficits and developmental challenges, we emerged as a proactive force for change. Recognizing the vast potential within Nigeria’s health, agriculture, energy, and environmental sectors, we mobilise resources and expertise to effect tangible improvements.

At SAO, our strategic approach focuses on deploying innovation and technology to exceed client expectations while creating premium value. These initiatives reflect a commitment to driving positive change and fostering sustainable growth across key sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Empowering Health Infrastructure:

Largest solar installation in UCH Ibadan’s Dialysis Center, Nigeria by SAO Energy.

Our strong commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure is evident through our ongoing projects aimed at enhancing medical facilities across Nigeria. With a focus on installing advanced healthcare equipment and establishing medical-oriented buildings, We are not only raising funds but also actively participating in the improvement of healthcare services. Currently, the group is collaborating with energy solution providers to upgrade Primary Health Centers (PHCs) in Ondo State, serving millions and extending energy access to surrounding communities.

Trailblazing Agricultural Prosperity:

In Nigeria’s expansive agricultural landscapes, we identified a promising opportunity for economic growth. Through strategic investments and sustainable practices, we embarked on a journey to support local farmers and entrepreneurs, aiming to unlock the vast potential of Nigeria’s agricultural sector. Our goal is clear— to increase food production and processing and contribute to Nigeria’s $20 billion oil palm development plans by continuously expanding our 10,000 Ha oil palm estate, creating job opportunities for the indigenous people of our host communities and increasing revenues through food production. While these efforts are ongoing, our commitment to fostering agricultural prosperity has garnered recognition, including the prestigious Pathfinder in Agribusiness 2021 award.

Pioneering Sustainable Energy Solutions:

Addressing the pressing need for sustainable energy solutions in rural and urban communities, SAO’s energy team is at the forefront of developing renewable energy infrastructure projects across communities. With over 42 communities energised, we endeavour to reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources across Nigeria and in extension, Sub-Saharan Africa.

Powering 17 PHCs and 200 households— impacting 170,000 rural residents in Nigeria.


SAO’s energy team delivered electricity to 17 Primary Health Centres in Ondo State, narrowing the energy gap for remote regions.

By collaborating with diverse stakeholders, including international financing corporations and governmental bodies, SAO aims to bridge the gap between optimal investment and developmental goals, aspiring to become Africa’s foremost climate-friendly solution provider.

As our journey continues to unfold, our undeniable impact is felt across Nigeria and beyond. Through innovation, service to humanity, and a steadfast commitment to progress, we are redefining the landscape of investment and development.

With $600 million raised and countless opportunities unleashed, we stand as a testament to the transformative power of vision, and collective action. Our diverse initiatives, from powering 30% of the 40,000+ primary health centres nationwide to empowering 100,000 farmers, are catalysts in reshaping the nation’s economic landscape.

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