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Oral Hygiene: Here’s how Luxe Dental Clinic is changing the smiles of Lagos pupils


Luxe Dental Clinic, a leading dental facility in Nigeria, is intentionally changing the smiles of children in Lagos state.

The clinic took to Ikeja Senior High School on Wednesday, providing free dental checks, holistic teeth scaling, and dental supplies to over 70 pupils to promote good oral health.

The medical outreach was on the theme “School Dental Outreach” through its non-profit organisation, Smile Doctor Foundation.

For Luxe Dental Clinic, it is concerned that poor oral hygiene triggers various dental problems, including cavities, gum disease, and bad breath among children.

Hence, with studies showing that children in urban areas have poor oral hygiene practices and awareness, the CEO of Luxe Dental Clinic, Dr Funmi Adeniyi, emphasised the importance of helping these children maintain confident smiles.

“Oral health is critical. The mouth is the mirror of the body. Research shows that people with poor oral health are out of school; they deal with pain, and they don’t concentrate in school as much because of discomfort and pain from oral health disease.”

According to several findings, poor oral health can have a significant impact on a child’s overall health, leading to other health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and infections

While emphasising their aim to reduce the number of children with oral problems, Adeniyi, also the CEO of Smile Doctor Foundation, spoke of low self-esteem.

“There is also the principle of low self-esteem when you have dirty teeth. You can’t speak confidently. You think that the child is shy. It’s because of the mouth odour or malocclusion where the teeth are poorly arranged.

“These are the things we are trying to nip in the bud with our robust free dental care services,” says Adeniyi.

The CEO, who said this activity was the second time this year, assured that the foundation would return to the school before the end of the year to attend to other children left out.

Meanwhile, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 — clean water and sanitation for all — the foundation donated a 2000 litre water tank to the school.

The Vice Principal of the school, Olugbenga Ogunniran, commended the foundation for the noble gesture and the donations.

On his part, he promised that they would use the donated items appropriately for the benefit of the students, the school, and society.

The VP, however, encouraged other private organisations to emulate Smile Doctor Foundation, adding that “The government cannot do everything.”

One of the beneficiaries, an SS2 student of the school, Achum Grace, expressed, “I feel it is very nice because many people have tooth problems.

“It will cost a lot of money if we go out to do it. So, doing it here for us for free is very nice and very kind and thoughtful of them, honestly”.

Meanwhile, the outreach, Smile Doctor Foundation’s second for the year, offered free dental checks, scaling and polishing, dental cleaning, and dental supplies to the school and the pupils.

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