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Oluwafemi Bewaji’s remarkable journey in managing successful logistics & haulage projects, propelling Nigerian Ports to new heights

Oluwafemi Bewaji’s remarkable journey in managing successful logistics & haulage projects, propelling Nigerian Ports to new heights

By Chinedu Nsofor


In the dynamic landscape of logistics and haulage within Nigerian ports, one name stands out prominently – Oluwafemi Bewaji. His illustrious career has been marked by a series of achievements, where he has successfully managed logistics and haulage projects, facilitating the smooth flow of shipments for both international and local manufacturers. With a cumulative value of over US$1 billion, Bewaji has played a pivotal role in optimizing port operations and enhancing the efficiency of the supply chain.

Early Career and Rise in the Industry:

Oluwafemi Bewaji’s journey in the logistics and haulage sector began with a passion for streamlining processes and ensuring the timely delivery of goods. Armed with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Covenant University and Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Environmental Studies from University of Lagos, he entered the industry with a keen eye for identifying bottlenecks and implementing innovative solutions. His dedication and strategic vision quickly caught the attention of industry leaders, paving the way for his rapid ascent through the ranks.

Strategic Approach to Project Management:

One of the key factors behind Bewaji’s success lies in his strategic approach to project management. As a project Manager at GMT Nigeria Limited, he successfully managed GMT’s project team in a total D2D delivery of several oversized cargoes, over 100 brewery tanks, 300 break bulk cargoes, 500 containers, among others. Also as the managing director at Fembol’s group, he recognised the complexities of logistics within Nigerian ports and implemented cutting-edge technologies, adopted industry best practices to streamline operations. Bewaji’s emphasis on real-time tracking, data analytics, and efficient communication has significantly reduced transit times, minimized delays, and enhanced overall project efficiency.

International and Local Collaborations:

Bewaji’s leadership extends beyond national borders, as he successfully fostered collaborations with international manufacturers, forging strategic partnerships that have propelled Nigerian ports onto the global stage. By establishing reliable communication channels and implementing standardized processes, he has facilitated the seamless movement of goods, contributing to the growth of both international and local businesses.

Infrastructure Development and Technological Integration:

Oluwafemi Bewaji’s impact on the logistics and haulage sector in Nigeria is not limited to operational efficiency; he has also been a driving force behind infrastructure development and technological integration. Recognizing the need for modernization, he advocated for investments in state-of-the-art equipment, upgraded port facilities, and the incorporation of advanced technologies such as RFID tracking and blockchain for enhanced supply chain transparency.

Sustainable Practices and Environmental Consciousness:

In addition to his focus on operational excellence, Bewaji has been a proponent of sustainable practices within the logistics and haulage industry. He has championed initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of transportation, advocating for the use of eco-friendly vehicles, and implementing waste reduction strategies.


Oluwafemi Bewaji’s journey in managing successful logistics and haulage projects across Nigerian ports is a testament to his visionary leadership and commitment to excellence. With a cumulative value of over US$1 billion in shipments, his impact on the industry is undeniable. Through strategic project management, international collaborations, infrastructure development, and a commitment to sustainability, Bewaji has not only elevated the efficiency of port operations but has also positioned Nigerian ports as key players in the global logistics landscape. As he continues to shape the future of the industry, Oluwafemi Bewaji stands as an inspiration for aspiring professionals in the field.