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Need inspiration? Here are 5 Bumpa success stories every business owner can learn from!

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Running a business successfully in Nigeria, while juggling other responsibilities, is no small feat. If you think it is, just ask any business owner around you. They will tell you stories about sleepless nights, worrying about money, their products arriving safely, the government policies that seem to spring out from nowhere, and so on. Many business owners dream of turning their passion into a thriving venture but finding the right balance between business and everything else can be a huge challenge.

In this article, we dive into five incredible success stories that showcase the power of determination, resourcefulness, and a little help from the fantastic business management app, Bumpa. Get ready to be inspired as we explore the journeys of these remarkable business owners who have conquered obstacles, built flourishing enterprises, and managed to find harmony in their busy lives.
Our Top 5 Bumpa Success Stories!
1. MiwaBeauty Store:

With a true passion for beauty products and skincare, the MiwaBeauty store is making authentic skincare products easily accessible to people in Ibadan. Founder, Ayotomiwa Wahab tells us about how the brand was established because of her love for skincare and her battle with skincare problems and most importantly, to bridge the gap in making these products readily available for people in Ibadan.

Her business which was started with her NYSC “allawee” has since grown into a brand that is known for providing unforgettable experiences, and building a community of happy, healthy customers. Hitting over 2,000 orders monthly, they have implemented the use of the online business app Bumpa, to streamline their process and manage orders without any challenges.

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2. Kay’s Perfumery:

Kay’s Perfumery was built based on one philosophy; to create allergen-free products, allowing people to enjoy pleasant scents without triggering their allergies. The founder, Dr Kedei Ibiang’s personal experience with allergies and the need for alternatives sparked the idea for Kay’s Perfumery in 2018.

Starting with perfume oils and then expanding into scented candles, diffusers, and room sprays, the brand has always shown its dedication to meeting the varied needs of its customers. The business thrives on the power of community and amazing service, thereby making sure that its customers are always locked in and never go anywhere else.

They have also grown extensively, from being just online to opening up a physical store in Abuja, and count a lot on Bumpa’s inventory manager to help them manage their stock from both their online and offline stores.

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3. Dresses by Lami:

Dresses by Lami is an online ready-to-wear store renowned for its affordable corporate and casual clothing for women. The journey for them began in the year 2020, right amid the challenging times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lami, the founder and creative director, shares her excitement about the phenomenal achievements she has since witnessed in her business, with April being a standout month of unprecedented revenue and customer numbers.

With over 1,500 orders received in April alone, Lami highlights that running frequent sales through the Bumpa app, and utilizing features like discounts, coupons, and order tracking, has significantly contributed to their success.

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4. MTL Hair & Wig Care:

For the founder of MTL Hair & Wig Care, Miracle Sambo, the story is relatable on two fronts: she’s a student who also runs a business on the side, and she eventually decided to start her business with what she’d saved up because trying to save up more kept costing her time, and the money she had already saved.

Armed with creativity and persistence, she began her business using drop shipping and trade fair vendors to offer budget-friendly yet high-quality wigs.

However, Miracle didn’t stop there. By saving up and investing in herself, she became the face of her brand, styling wigs and showcasing them on Instagram. Her efforts paid off, as her business grew steadily despite being in existence for roughly a year, now making a monthly profit of around 300,000 Naira and expanding to wig revamps as well.

Balancing her business and studies was challenging, but she managed by understanding her schedule, adjusting her workload accordingly and using business management apps like Bumpa to help streamline her processes.

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5. Props by Wawo:

Seunfunmi Adeyemi Lawal, the co-founder of Packages & Props by Wawo, and its subsidiary company, Wawo Imports Hub tells us about her vision: to bridge the gap between shipping companies and suppliers and make shipping easier, to provide the best props that can beautify anywhere, and to provide the best packaging for any business that wants to “waw” their customers.

She tells us how she started, navigating running an offline store and deciding to take her business online and get more visibility for her brand. She also talks about how accounting was a big problem for her business, and how Bumpa has helped her solve that problem.

Watch their story here.

How You Can Begin Your Bumpa Journey

Running a business is not easy, but Bumpa was built to lessen the burden on business owners by providing the necessary features that your business needs to thrive in one place. It’s an all-in-one app that helps you manage operations, run sales, set up an online store and even track finances. And of course, setting up is super easy.
1. Visit this link to get started.
2. Download the Bumpa app on Apple Store or Playstore.

3. Sign up with your store details.
4. Upload your products, share your website link and start selling!
You can also upgrade to the Bumpa Starter plan for 2,500 or the Pro plan for 5,000, to unlock more features designed for business growth!

These captivating stories highlight the journey of four remarkable individuals who overcame obstacles, followed their passions, and found success in their respective industries. By harnessing the power of Bumpa and combining it with their determination, creativity, and resilience, they turned their dreams into reality. Their experiences serve as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating that with the right tools and mindset, it is possible to forge a prosperous business while maintaining a fulfilling personal life.
So, get ready to be motivated, learn from their strategies, and embark on your own path to business greatness with Bumpa by your side.