• Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Mezo Energy Trading Limited announces expansion with CNG distribution center


Mezo Energy Trading Limited, a subsidiary of Mezovest, and a leader in the energy sector, announced today its ambitious plan to open Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) distribution centers across Lagos. This strategic expansion aims to make CNG more accessible to consumers, marking a significant milestone in the company’s growth.

The new distribution centers will ensure that CNG, a cleaner and more cost-effective alternative to petrol, is readily available to consumers across the country. This expansion aligns with Mezo Energy Trading Limited’s commitment to providing sustainable and affordable energy solutions.

The CEO of Mezo Energy Trading Limited, Mr. Tosin Thompson, stated, “We are excited to announce this expansion, which is a significant step in our mission to make CNG accessible to all. By opening distribution centers, we are bringing cleaner and more affordable energy closer to consumers. More importantly, with the high cost of petrol, we are giving consumers a favourable alternative.”

This initiative underscores Mezo Energy Trading Limited’s role as a leader in the energy sector, setting a precedent for other companies to follow. The company’s commitment to this project reflects its dedication to sustainability, affordability, and customer satisfaction.

“We are proud to be leading the way in the energy sector, making a tangible difference in the lives of consumers. Our commitment to sustainability and affordability is reflected in our actions,” added the CEO.