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Many will be homeless in Lagos by the year 2025

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Housing is recognized worldwide as the basic necessity of life and a prerequisite to the survival of man and it changes hands infrequently. It is a commodity which we cannot do without and it’s a form of stored wealth which is subject to speculative activities in the market.

On the other hand, the growth of the population in metropolitan Lagos has assumed geometrical proportion, and the provision of urban infrastructure and housing to meet this demand is not at a commensurate level.
This has resulted in an acute shortage of housing for the teeming population with Lagos alone accounting for about 5 million deficit representing 31% of the estimated national housing deficit of 18 million.
The extent of the housing shortage is enormous.

The inadequacies are far reading and the deficit is both quantitative and qualitative, even those households with shelter are often subjected to inhabiting woefully deficient structures as demonstrated in the multiplication of slums from 42 in 1985 to over 100 in January 2010. As at today. Lagos has lost a count of slums in the vicinity.
Also, the Urban poor, who are dominant in Lagos are transforming the City to meet their needs, often in conflict with official laws and plans.
They reside in the slums and squatter settlements around the City and are predominantly engaged in informal economic activities which encompasses a wide range of small-scale, largely self-employment activities.

60% of residents are tenants and have to pay rent as high as 50%-70% of their monthly income since most of the existing accommodations are provided by private developers.
Land is also a major component of the production of housing which everyone needs and equally essential as production facilities which we all depend on for our livelihood.
And, it has become difficult for a common man to buy a land and build a house with so much ease.

Landbank Homes Limited has embarked on the mission since 2021 to provide accessible, convenient and affordable land and good apartments at a cheaper rate.
It aim to ensure that the common man in Nigeria and beyond own a unit of LightCity Bungalow.

With the realization of 10,000 bungalows by the year 2025,
As at today, 1000 housing project is currently under construction in Ketu-Epe and it’s expanding to the southwest and Abuja inclusive.
With 2 million naira, one can get affordable lands in any of our affordable estates – DaraCity, ilandCity, EbunCity, VeraCity and WajuCity in Epe.

Talking about Epe, Epe has proven to be the safest and calm environment to live in and the cost of living is relatively cheap.
If you are considering a place of settlement after retirement.
Epe should cross your mind because it is currently the oil well of Lagos, due to its rapid development that is being carried out there, the town has seen many migrate to it, including individuals and corporate bodies. It is gradually becoming a center of attraction, with good road network, It’s also a good place to do business.

Imagine, the kind of people from different works of life, that will be residing in Epe by the time the largest Agric food hub and international Airport is completed, as well as deep seaport and Dangote refinery which are currently in operations.

By then, Epe will be the Dubai of Nigeria and Properties in Epe will cost a fortune. But you can buy now and wait.
Investment in Epe is sure without doubt .

It is the vision of Engr. Paul Olajide (MD/CEO, Landbank Homes Limited) to see every Nigerian own a Unit of LIGHTCITY BUNGALOW by the year 2025. And with Initial deposit N3M you can be on your way to secure a home for yourself and can also serve as an investment portfolio.

For further information, visit www.landbankhomesng.com
Email: [email protected]

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