• Saturday, March 02, 2024
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Kandon Technologies Limited launches four great services


After having discovered the most problem facing businesses, especially those problems associated with predicting efficient cash flows (inflows and outflows) that will help organisations achieve growth and expansion, Kandon technologies limited introduces liquidity management services as the solutions to that problem.

Every business goal is to grow and expand without difficulties to other nations without boundaries or limitations; but most times not having access to funds, as well as not effectively managing organisation funds isn’t something to be taken lightly, as this can be detrimental to one’s business goals and obligations.

Also as a business you do not need to depend only on the seasonal cash flows that comes into the business knowing fully well that there will always be uncertainties with how fast and efficiently business inflows comes in. Hence with kandon liquidity management solutions, all those problems and uncertainties are totally erased.

Kandon ensures liquidity provision for every corporate organisations and institutions in their preferred currency across Africa, UK, and Canada; helping businesses achieve their bilateral business transaction needs seamlessly. Kandon provides access to the readily available funds that is required in order to achieve organisational success in every business dealings. Kandon helps to reduce the burden of you managing the many facets of your global operations via the initiation of currency conversions between supported currency pairs, and helping organisations to manage transaction involving multiple currencies without any stress. As a business, you can effectively Send, Receive, And Hold. Exchange, and even trade currencies seamlessly by using kandon solutions.

Secondly; kandon introduces Treasury Management;

As a business organisation, kandon can help manage your enterprise holdings and operations; giving you an edge in your liquidity, as well as mitigating the operational, Financial, and Reputation risks your business might encounter over time. With kandon Technologies Limited treasury specialists who are dedicated to delivering liquidity solutions; you can be certain that your business will scale up efficiently regardless of where you are located, or the size of your organisation.

Kandon liquidity solution is structured to meet the needs of every institutional funds, as well as for market makers. Let kandon specialists manage your liquidity today and help you meet your financial obligations to vendors, suppliers, and employees, as well as stakeholders.

Kandon also introduces Invoice Discounting services centred on helping you maintain credit worthiness. With kandon invoice discounting service, you can avoid the risk of discreditable through their provision of immediate cash flow that will enable continuous business growth and cash management.
Hence; the problem of delayed bill receivables in your business operations can be reduced. As your suppliers and business partners’ payment that is due can be paid ahead utilising kandon’s invoice discounting service.
You do not have to lose your credit worthiness to your vendors and suppliers, as well as stakeholders anymore.

And lastly; kandon introduces Alternative Trading Solutions (ATS);

This solution matches buyers and sellers of securities or currencies in the exchange; hence kandon helps you convert currencies of choice seamlessly for all of your border business transactions; as kandon Technologies Limited trading service is designed to meet the complexities of international trades in multiple currencies, and thereby ensuring your business or company’s financial success.

With these four unique and great services from kandon, every businesses can be certain of scalability and business expansions without boundaries. Therefore, Kandon technologies limited invites corporate and institutional organisations to leverage on these unique services offered by kandon so as to achieve diverse financial business goals.

Therefore, if your business is streamlined for global operations, and scalability, let kandon help you limit the challenges involved in international business dealings; let kandon provide you with their readily funds needed for continuous growth, and let kandon help you scale your business more quickly and efficiently with great profits that leads to business expansion.

As a Financial technology platform building secured business solution for small , medium and Large Enterprise, there is need for more business solutions to be developed across different sectors of the Industry, from Fintech , Ecommerce , Security , Education and adequate solutions for seamless transactions . As a brand, we have developed policies for both customers, stake holders and the Market.