• Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Jeroid Ltd Unveils New Partnership with Internet Sensation Shank Comics

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For over seven years, Jeroid Ltd has transcended different levels in the dynamic crypto trading and exchange industry. It has innovated with its Version 2 app, which offers new features like the Personalized Wallet and Utility Bills, as well as the introduction of the first-of-its-kind commercial crypto support service for businesses, tagged Jeroid Corporate Business Solution. Through these innovations, Jeroid Ltd has scaled up its operations by an overwhelming margin, all the while delivering secure, swift, and reliable crypto services—a feat widely recognised as commendable. With over 100,000 monthly users, Jeroid has come to stay as Nigeria’s foremost crypto exchange.

Against the backdrop of this success, Jeroid, with its goal to democratize access to and use of crypto across Africa’s most populous country, has partnered with internet sensation and versatile comic star, Shank Comics.

Adesokan Adedeji Emmanuel, better known by his stage name Shank Comics, is a highly acclaimed comedian and influencer with a substantial following. Leveraging his expertise in crafting engaging content and his robust social media presence, Shank Comics is poised to have a significant impact in promoting the Jeroid brand and its offerings, particularly to a younger, tech-savvy audience.

According to Kucoin’s report, more than ten per cent of Nigeria’s population own or trade crypto and the majority of cryptocurrency investors are under the age of 30, a demography that aligns with Shank’s brand of entertainment and talents, making the partnership with Jeroid a strategic one.

[From left to right: Christabel (Jeroid’s Business Manager), Jennifer (Jeroid’s Legal), Shank Comics (YouTuber), Jeremiah (Jeroid’s CEO), Hassan (Jeroid’s COO)