• Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Investment One emerges as the leading Capital Market Operator in Proshare’s Online Trading Portal Survey


In the latest Proshare Online Trading Portal Survey, Investment One, a distinguished financial institution, has secured the apex position among Capital Market Operators, affirming its leadership in the industry. Boasting nearly two decades of relentless commitment to outstanding service and groundbreaking financial solutions, Investment One continues to set itself apart by pioneering forward-thinking approaches that have left an indelible mark on the Investment Industry.

The year 2023 holds special significance for Investment One, celebrating its 15th anniversary of delivering innovative financial solutions. This milestone year saw the Investment One Group being recognized by the Financial Times and Statista as one of Africa’s fastest-growing companies. Furthermore, the group achieved a historic feat by becoming the first company in Africa to successfully undergo the rigorous physical assessment and certification process of the new ISO 27001:2022.

Accolades continued to pour in as Investment One Group received the esteemed Financial Services Group of the Year award at the Bank and Other Financial Institutions Awards (BAFI) in October 2023. Additionally, the group’s CEO, Mr. Nicholas Nyamali, earned the well-deserved title of CEO of the year in the Financial Services Category.

Investment One Group remains steadfast in its dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions and upholding the highest service standards in the financial industry. Investment One Group’s recent triumph in the Proshare Online Trading Portal Survey underscores its dedication to prioritizing customer satisfaction.

From the survey results, Investment One stood out as/in

– Top ranking capital market operator

– Leading broker with mobile accessibility

– Leading broker with top notch technology

– Leading broker with commendable customer satisfaction

– Leading capital market operator with highest votes for customer service responsiveness

The Proshare survey ranked Investment One as the foremost broker, providing users with convenient access to the trading platform on mobile devices and technology. The Investment One Easy Invest platform secured the top spot for customer satisfaction, notably for its seamless alignment with the digital evolution and transformation with the Nigerian Capital Market. The platform also earned the highest votes for customer service responsiveness.

As Investment One continues to fortify its processes, champion innovations in the investment space, and maintain a keen interest in market insight, the institution remains poised to identify emerging trends and capitalize on opportunities. Looking ahead, Investment One stands firm in its commitment to providing clients with high-yielding and innovative investment solutions and resources in the coming year.

Proshare is a reputable financial information service and analysis platform that plays a crucial role in providing comprehensive insights into Nigeria’s financial and capital markets. One of Proshare’s notable initiatives is its periodic surveys that assess the performance and standing of various players within the financial and capital markets. These surveys serve as valuable benchmarks, offering market participants a deeper understanding of industry trends, investor sentiments, and the overall health of the financial landscape.

See link for the full report https://proshare.co/articles/an-eye-on-the-capital-market-digital-future-matters-arising?menu=Market&classification=Read&category=Online%20Trading