Invest in Recyclan: Recyclan partners with Piggyvest to create decentralized investment opportunities in Recycling

Recyclan, the market leader in sustainable recycled PET supply from Africa, has partnered with the savings juggernaut; Piggyvest to provide an avenue for individuals to invest in recycling.

Recyclan is a global social enterprise founded in 2018, with the primary objective to repossess PET plastic products discarded as waste and turn them into the highest-grade recycled PET. Recyclan has grown to become a force to reckon with within the African Recycling industry through the years. Having a presence in 14 countries worldwide, Recyclan has solidified its position as an industry leader.

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“Many people want to take active steps towards environmentally sustainable practices, and one of the ways to do this is by funding. The environmental situation in Nigeria is in dire need of a full overhaul, and this partnership is an avenue for us to make the desired change”, Chijike Amagwu, COO Africa, Recyclan Global.

“What we see with this partnership is a win-win-win. We see a way for the public to be part of the recycling industry while also making a good return on their investment, about 13% in 6 months. This is an amazing time for us, and we are just getting started”, Harold Okonoboh, CEO of Africa, Recyclan Global Limited.

To invest in Recyclan, simply go on your Piggyvest app and check “Explore” on Investify.

About Recyclan

Founded in 2018, Recyclan is a social enterprise that reprocesses PET plastic products discarded as waste and turns them into the highest-grade recycled PET reused in the food and beverage industry.
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