• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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How To Receive and Withdraw Dogecoin to Naira in Nigeria


Dogecoin, the crypto world wonder with an interesting journey from a joke to a must-have, has made its way into the hearts and portfolios of many Nigerians. In real-time, we’re seeing the growing adoption as a form of foreign remittances and as a payment option by businesses.

Now, with a market capitalization so huge —about 12 billion Dollars — how do you get a slice of this pie and enjoy the profit in Naira? Let’s look at how you can receive Dogecoin payments and, most importantly, reap its rewards in Naira.

Important Factors To Consider When Setting Up A Dogecoin Wallet

Think of your wallet address as a bank account to receive money in, only this time, it is quicker, more borderless, and decentralized.

Your crypto experience hinges on how good your wallet is, especially if you’re a newbie. To help you understand better, here are the factors to strongly consider when choosing a reliable Dogecoin wallet.

1.Ease-of-use: Due to the simple transaction processing of converting Dogecoin to Naira, you want to choose a platform that lets you do this effortlessly. You need to pick a crypto wallet that prioritizes your needs and efficiently provides you with a platform that will be simple enough to use.

2.Competitive rates: It’s completely pointless to enter a billion-dollar market like Dogecoin and receive peanuts in rates when converting to Naira. This is why the platform that facilitates the selling of Dogecoin needs to offer you the best rates in the market.

3.Security: It’s a healthy practice to ensure no loose ends when converting Dogecoin to Naira. One of the things to mark off your checklist is how you can manage your own security through cautionary steps like two-factor authentication and biometrics authorizations.

These are the most important factors to note in a wallet converting Dogecoin to Naira.

How to Set Up A Dogecoin Wallet on Breet

The Breet App is the most suitable platform to convert your Dogecoin to Naira. And because it checks all the boxes listed above and even takes it a step further to add ease and flair to your trading experience, you’re in for a smooth ride.

This platform is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. For even more convenience, you can opt for the web app version.

It takes less than five minutes to register by filling out the signup form. The best part is that you get a permanent Dogecoin wallet upon registration! That’s an extra step that is automatically sorted out for you.

Due to the regulatory laws and for your safety, you should do your KYC verification to get full access to the Breet app. You just need to verify your identity with some government-issued documents, and you’re all set to start receiving and withdrawing Dogecoin to Naira as you like.

Receiving and Withdrawing Dogecoin to Naira in Nigeria

These are the simple steps that take you from Dogecoin to Naira in a few minutes:

1.On the bottom of your Breet app, click the second icon after the ‘Homepage button.’ That is the ‘Crypto-to-cash’ button.

2.Pick ‘Dogecoin’ from the coins list and have the sender scan your QR code to get your wallet address, or copy and paste it to them.

3.Breet receives your Dogecoin and immediately converts it into Naira, so you see its equivalent.

4.Your transaction is initiated, and after the wait time for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain, you’ve sold your Dogecoin for Naira.

5.You can now send your converted Dogecoin to your Nigerian bank account and receive your bank alert in minutes.


Selling Dogecoin for Naira shouldn’t make you break a sweat when you can easily do this using the Breet app. So whether you’re a business owner looking to cater to a broader audience or want to receive borderless funds from family and friends, the most seamless and profitable option is the Breet app.