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How Pastor Chris’ International School Of Ministry is providing ministerial effectiveness through training programs

How Pastor Chris’ International School Of Ministry is providing ministerial effectiveness through training programs

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc, DSc, DD, who is the President of the Believers’ Loveworld incorporated, is an ardent proponent of the training of Ministers of the Gospel for the effective work of the Ministry. His mission to efficiently impact Ministers is rooted in the scripture in 2 Timothy 3.17, which says, “That the man of God may be thoroughly furnished unto all good works” (KJV). Through the years, he has stood out as a renowned Teacher of the Word of God in its simplicity, unravelling divine mysteries to Ministers from the pages of the Bible and effectively conveying these profound spiritual truths to aid them in Ministry. Thus, he is well known for his impact on millions of Ministers of the Gospel from different denominations across the world – ranging from the Founders of Ministries, Bishops, Evangelists, Prophets, Pastors, Youth Ministers, Missionaries, and Lay Ministers.

With the burning desire to continually meet the training needs of these different categories of Ministers, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome established the International School of Ministry (ISM), a spiritual and academic institution designed to train Ministers of the Gospel for greater effectiveness in Ministry.

Since its inception in 2007, the ISM has impacted millions of ministers of the Gospel, resulting in more seasoned ministers across the globe spreading this Gospel unhindered throughout the earth. In a bid to meet the training needs of the teeming number of Ministers globally, the International School of Ministry introduced Online School Sessions, which have impacted millions of Ministers across continents by leveraging the opportunities of cyberspace. With a 24-hour robust online program consisting of over 100 courses designed for all those called into the ministry, the purpose of the ISM Online School is to reach a wider range of Ministers, further position them to be grounded in the Word of God, enhance their personal development, growth in Grace, and increase their capacity for effectiveness in both life and ministry.

Through rigorous research on the changing faces of Ministry experiences, the ISM Online School, in addition to the existing programs relevant to ministers, is set to introduce new, inspiring, and insightful programs in June 2024, which will provide Ministers of the Gospel with divine knowledge, understanding, increased abilities and capacity requisite for the work of the Ministry. These are the Prayer Studies Program, the Strategic Leadership Program, as well as introductory training in the Ministry of the Word and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit.


1. Prayer Studies Program

● Expect to increase your understanding of the role of prayer as a minister of the Gospel.

● Learn about the different rules for different kinds of prayer.

● How to pray for your city, country, and nations of the world.

● What praying in the Spirit does through you and much more.

2. Strategic Leadership Course

● Expect to learn how to implement a strategic approach to your ministry work.

● Learn how to move to the next level of impact, achievement, and progress.

● Understand the basics of strategic leadership, raising effective disciples and workers.

● The leadership strategies the Lord Jesus Christ used and much more.

3. The Ministry of the Word (An Introduction)

● Expect to learn the multi-faceted role of the Word of God in the minister and through the minister.

● Learn how the ministry of the Word can impact those the Lord has sent you to serve and first transform you from within.

● Understand how to apply the Word as the ultimate solution.

● Discover how to prepare yourself as God’s voice to many more.

4. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit (An Introduction)

● Expect to gain a more intimate relationship with the person of the Holy Spirit.

● Understand His role of prayer in making you an able minister of the New Testament.

● Learn how to fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

● Gain insight into the manifestations of the Spirit.

● Understand the gifting of the Spirit and much more.

If you desire to fulfil your ministry and calling with excellence and enjoy an ever-expanding and effective ministry, then the ISM Online School is for you!

Here is a cross-section of testimonies from individuals who have participated in ISM:

“I am ready for the next step to grow my ministry as a result of the wisdom that I get in ISM Online School. It helped me a lot to stand in ministry, to not give up in time of challenge. If I hadn’t participated maybe I would not have known all these.”- Pastor Nasirl Selahadin, Christ Revealing Generation Church, Sweden

“This is just amazing! Thanks to our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. I learnt that church growth begins with the Pastor. The passion of the Pastor for souls will be the passion of the members. Also, church growth takes intentional efforts, it doesn’t just happen.” – Pastor Abigail Mordi, Global Prophetic Intercessory Movement, Pennsylvania, USA

“I learnt that as a Leader, I should define the purpose of the Teams and the roles and responsibilities of the leaders I am training under me who will in turn lead other teams. Secondly, I learnt how to cultivate the qualities of winning Team Members by pattern and precept, which are team spirit, humility, teachability, availability, commitment, consistency, loyalty, and trustworthiness. This will improve the quality and quantity of our teams.” – Pastor Robert Ssesanga, Aflame Gospel Assembly, Uganda

If you desire to fulfil your ministry and calling with excellence and enjoy an ever-expanding and effective ministry, then the ISM Online School is for you!

Enroll today on the official ISM website.

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