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Glover evolves into Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading digital asset marketplace

Glover evolves into Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading digital asset marketplace

Nigerians and Africans at large have not embraced the giftcard culture wholeheartedly, a culture which is acceptable in other climes ensuring a thriving giftcard industry. It’s not hard to tell this is due to the many industry blockers on that path; one of which is the no-refund policy on giftcards globally. Inspired by the no-refund policy of giftcards globally, which deterred many from the giftcard culture, a solution was born. Glover saw the need to turn around this narrative by providing a solution for the giftcard ecosystem in Africa by providing a digital assets marketplace connecting buyers and sellers for foreign and local giftcards, the first of its kind in sub-saharan Africa.

Glover launched as a fintech company in March, 2021 with the vision of providing an online platform where value can be stored or exchanged for digital assets, helping to raise a new asset class of individuals with access to financial opportunities, hence, deepening financial inclusion and expanding wealth in line with the SDG 2030 goals. As a lifestyle brand that promotes ease, convenience and safety of financial transactions in the digital space, the tech brand is poised to improve the gifting culture of Nigerians and Africans at large. For good measure, they parade exciting financial services that meet the immediate lifestyle needs of their customers. Services include sale of giftcards, payment of cable and electricity bills, trade of perfect money and airtime to cash conversions.

On commencement of operations, Glover built a platform enabling the seamless exchange of value within a fully integrated ecosystem to facilitate cashless transactions at par with global best practices, hence, three major services were launched and introduced to the public: Giftcards, Refill, and Airtime to cash, all pioneering innovations welcome in our time and in our clime. The ease, flawlessness and speed with which these services were offered quickly earned them the trust of customers with abundant goodwill to boot. The brand in its characteristic nature surpassed expectations and quickly became known for its tagline – ‘Xchange For Value’.

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But never resting on its oars, the brand is set on more, with its eyes fixed on delivering more for the customer and the tech industry. Coupled with rising expectations in leaps and bounds for its brand promise, the tech brand is not wavering in matching and even surpassing them. Fueled by its passion to do more, it has honed its vision and aspirations to something more robust, more aspirational and more global. Something all Nigerians and Africans will be proud of on the global tech stage. This and many more have thus informed the brand’s decision to move from its first narrative of being a place where value is exchanged to a place where digital assets are stored and sold. Little wonder, the brand is unveiling its new tagline ‘Digital Assets Marketplace’ and archiving the old tagline ‘Xchange For Value’.

The online platform is expanding its service offerings to include E-ticketing having recognised the love for outdoor events and hang-outs by Nigerians and Africans. This will help event organisers in no small measure, by freeing up time and funds spent on sales of physical tickets, eliminating needless hassles in the organisation of events.

According to the CEO, Mr Damilola Layode, “people are looking more to the digital world beyond connectivity and communication. As a brand that listens, we have chosen to always be one step ahead by aligning ourselves to meeting the increased demand for digital assets as the world witnesses a new frontier in digital technology.”

The Chief Operating Officer (COO), Victor Monday, also added that “we are working to make our brand available across several countries helping to bring ease, speed and convenience in financial transactions across the continent. Hence, it makes sense that we redefine the brand narrative to let the public know that we are here to cater to their ever increasing digital asset needs.”

This new brand narrative is to align with Glover’s expansion goal in footprint and service offerings, helping to change the way financial transactions are done on the continent. As part of growth and expansion plans, Glover officially launched in Ghana in December 2021 and intends to expand to other countries on the continent in the shortest possible time. Indeed, the tech brand is here to do more.

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