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Get your dad the perfect gift with BLUETTI’s Father’s Day sale

Get Your Dad the Perfect Gift with BLUETTI’s Father’s Day Sale

Father’s Day 2023 falls on June 18th. Still unsure of what to get your dad who seems to have everything already? You’re not alone, as dads’ gifts are extremely difficult to pick.

However, we’ve got you covered with some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas from BLUETTI. Surprise your dad with a top-notch power station at an unbeatable price from June 15 to June 28.

Empower Your Dad Whatever He Does
AC300&B300: Now ₦2387,000, Save ₦628,000

Forget about gifts like T-shirts or mugs with “World’s Best Dad” prints for your handy dad. He’ll appreciate something more practical and useful, like a top-quality tool set or power product.

Whether your dad enjoys DIY projects, gardening, or needs to do some on-site work outside, BLUETTI AC300B300 solar generator, a powerful movable power source offers a helping hand to run his heavy-duty power tools anywhere away from the wall outlets.

Equipped with a 3,000W pure sine wave AC inverter(6,000W surge), the AC300 can effortlessly power nearly 99% of power tools, such as electric drills, chainsaws, sanders, pumps, and mowers.

The AC300 is modular and has a flexible capacity ranging from 3,072Wh to 12,288Wh with B300 batteries. This ensures abundant power for dads to go and even survive prolonged power outages.

When hooked with solar panels, the AC300 can support a max solar charging of 2,400W. That means dads can always have free power to do what they like without worrying about high energy bills.

Give Your Dad Peace of Mind during Power Outages
EP500Pro: Now ₦2,970,000, Save ₦890,000

If your dad is working from home or is a master of his kitchen, the last thing he wants must be a sudden power outage that put everything to a halt, maybe a disaster–unsaved files, half-cooked meals, and spoiled food in the fridge.

Luckily, the BLUETTI EP500Pro is a true lifesaver in such situations. With an all-day UPS feature, it can switch over in 20ms and keep the entire house running uninterruptedly in the event of any blackout.

This all-in-one power giant boasts an impressive 3,000W power and an energy storage of 5,100Wh in its LiFePO4 battery. Equipped with four solid wheels on the bottom, your dad can roll it around the house to power any home appliance, backyard BBQs, and open-air home theatre.

Moreover, unlike gas generators, the EP500Pro produces no noise or toxic emissions, safe for indoor use without ongoing fuel costs and maintenance charges. It also is more eco-friendly and cost-effective by taking 2,400W of solar input from sunlight.

Unleash Your Dad’s Outdoor Adventure
EB55: Now ₦385,000 Save ₦100,000
EB70: Now ₦451,000 Save ₦114,000

Maybe your traveling dad is still using a clunky and noisy fuel generator for his weekend getaways? It’s time for an upgrade to a tiny and quiet solar generator that could feed a range of his outdoor essentials on the road.

For a portable power station that ticks all the right boxes, look no further than the BLUETTI EB55 and EB70. These mobile power are perfect for activities like mountain hiking, camping, and fishing, providing your dad with a spectacular outdoor experience.

Weighing in at a mere 7.5kg to 9.7kg, they get a punch in their LiFePO4 batteries. Going out with the 700W EB55 or the 1000Wh EB70, your dad can keep his radios playing his favorite tunes and his car fridge chilling his favorite whisky or beer.

Using these plug-and-play solar generators couldn’t be simpler. Your dad just needs to plug into one of the power box’s numerous AC or DC outlets, or even place compatible phones on its top for wireless charging. No power? No Problem, connect the generators to solar panels or car ports, and your dad will have a reliable power source wherever he is.

Super Dads Deserve Super Power
On this special occasion, we would like to extend our warmest wishes to all fathers out there. Get your dad a gift that he’ll truly love and use from BLUETTI’s Father’s Sale running through June 28. For more giveaways, product updates, and news,

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