• Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Gen Zs & Millennials: You Think Retirement is Too Far Off? Think Again!


Steak and grills every weekend, a trip to that music festival you always wanted, maybe even owning a place of your own. Those feel like the real, immediate goals, right? Retirement? That’s an “old people” problem, something to worry about decades from now. Wrong!

The truth is that time is a trickster. Soft life and indulgent experiences are alluring, making the future seem far off. But the thing about retirement is that the sooner you start thinking about it, the easier it gets.

Think of it like this: those small amounts you might spend on takeout now could be multiplying and growing into a future where you’re not just scraping by. We’re talking vacation money, financial security, and maybe even retiring early to pursue a passion project!

Here’s the thing: “later” sneaks up on you. Today’s small savings turn into big returns thanks to the magic of compound interest. The time you have now is your most powerful retirement planning tool. Imagine the look on your future self’s face when they realize you’ve been building them a secure, comfortable life all along.

No one’s saying you must completely give up your lattes or weekend fun. But taking even small steps now can make a world of difference down the line.

Don’t wait until you’re too old to regret not starting sooner. The time to make your retirement dreams a reality is now, while you have the most precious resource of all: time on your side.

You’re qualified to join the Contributory Pension Scheme if you work for the Federal Government, Federal Capital Territory, a private company with three or more employees, a state that has adopted the scheme, or self-employed (Micro Pension Plan). This means your workplace will help you build a secure retirement through regular contributions to your pension fund.

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