• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Fincra Inducted into the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) For Innovation in the fintech industry

Fincra Inducted into the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) For Innovation in the Fintech Industry

Fincra, one of the fastest rising Fintech platforms in Nigeria, received worthy recognition as one of the top players that contributed to the growth of the Fintech industry in Nigeria and beyond the shores of Africa through induction into the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC).

The event signifies and celebrates the unmatched achievements and successes of the fintech platform within a short period since its inception in 2019. It further establishes the brand as an innovative company disrupting the fintech industry both at home and abroad. This year’s induction ceremony attracted hundreds of nominations across different categories and the full spectrum of the fintech space in Nigeria, the top of which Fincra is proud to be.

As an inductee of the NBCC, Fincra was recognized by the body to be innovative, impactful, and engaging while providing customers with a world-class payment infrastructure that enables customers to move funds across borders. Given the current achievements of the brand till date, Fincra is well on its way to becoming established in the Nigerian market and making the world accessible for its target clients.

Speaking on the recognition of Fincra as a disruptive force in the fintech industry and its induction into the NBCC, Fincra’s CEO Ayowole Ayodele noted, “This is an elaborate platform to explore partnerships. Being a young tech company does not mean we will not actively participate in private sector activities.

This is a part of that participation; it will escalate Fincra’s presence nationally and globally. We will be participating in business and commerce events in Britain as we constantly search for trends and best practices across businesses. It ties in with our interest as a payment infrastructure company; we want to understand all sectors of businesses and look for ways to offer our solutions.”

How Fincra is Disrupting the Fintech Space in Nigeria

With businesses and customers becoming increasingly receptive to the use of digital payment solutions to complete transactions, the percentage of Nigerian commerce that has been executed digitally has been on the rising trend for over a decade.

The resulting growth has opened channels of opportunities in the payments space, and companies such as Fincra – a young cross-border payment solution quickly establishing itself as a force in the fintech industry – have been keen to leverage.

Wole Ayodele, the innovative tech leader founded Fincra in 2019 in his bid to scale financial inclusion for the Nigerian populace and gain a share in digital payments, a growing market filled with boundless growth potential and opportunities. To be precise, the brand aimed to connect businesses and individuals around the world through a payment solution that facilitates hassle-free digital payments.

To further facilitate and promote digital commerce, Fincra offers among other products and features, a suite of APIs that enables developers to implement its payment capabilities. These Financial APIs handle everything from acceptance and processing to settlement and reconciliation while ensuring compliance and security. In record time, Fincra has been able to grow the platform beyond just payment processing to offer innovative solutions to other marketplace transactions, including payouts, virtual bank accounts, Checkout, Payment collections and so much more. These solutions complement digital transactions, global growth for customers, eCommerce transactions and the exposure of businesses to a global funnel.

Given the innovative efforts of Fincra within such a short period, it has culminated in exponential growth in adoption and valuation. As a result, Fincra partners with numerous companies that cut across different industries and sizes worldwide. The induction of Fincra into the NBCC is only a testament to the extraordinary growth of the brand.