• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Farmpower Nigeria: Here to Create Wealth and deliver value in the Nigerian agriculture value chain

Farmpower Nigeria: Here to Create Wealth and deliver value in the Nigerian agriculture value chain

FarmPowerng is leveraging technology to take farming to the next level in Nigeria. The Agri-tech firm offers the production and sales of Livestock (broilers, pigs, goat, cattle) and cash crops (cucumber, Maize, plantain) by empowering local farmers with funds from private investors.

Nigeria’s inclusion among 27 countries that are on the frontline of impending COVID-19-driven food crisis, in a joint report by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and World Food Programme (WFP), has reiterated the need to boost domestic agriculture and reduce imports on food stuffs. The agricultural and food sector remains one of the few bright spots as food security tops government policies.
Farmpowerng three pronged approach: aims to provide smallholder farmers with access to high-quality farm inputs and hi-tech machineries such as tractors, fertilizers etc.; process agricultural products into food or of one form of food into other forms for safe consumption; create unending opportunities for individuals to be involved in the process and business of agriculture without stress.

Farmpower is playing a major role to help boaster domestic agricultural production capacity in the county by providing a reliable platform for individuals to get involved in the process and business of agriculture, through partnering with local farmers without stress while earning up to 35% ROI per annum.
Individuals (sponsors) are able to sign up in what is termed a “safe, secure and trusted platform” for free and shop from a variety of desired farm units, funds are put into use, after the due date for subscription elapses or after farm units have been completely bought into. The produces are collected and sold. Capital and returns are saved into the investor’s record.

As with other agri-food value chain players, in-addition to equipping farmers while ensuring farming activities and process are carried out in controlled environment enabling and enhancing fresh products. The goal of the business is to provide a solution to sustainable food production against a rising population and build a bridge between agribusiness innovation and smallholder farmers.
To learn more about the Farmpowerng platform visit https://www.farmpowernigeria.com or download the app now from the Google Play Store or Apple store to invest from the comfort of wherever you are.
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