FairMoney MFB, changing the savings game with the launch of FairSave, welcomes Tacha to the family.

Incorporated in 2017 with operations in Nigeria and India, FairMoney MFB has served its over 5 million users with strong and efficient offerings such as Quick and Easy Loans in 5 minutes, banking services with free Secure Debit Cards, 3% Discount on Airtime & Data Purchases, 100 Free Bank Transfers monthly, 0% interest on 15-day loans, best rates on deposits and now FairSave with 10% interest p.a.

The leading credit-led digital bank is levelling the playing field and encouraging a positive saving habit with the addition of FairSave. FairSave is a FairMoney MFB savings wallet that allows users to save money and accumulate instant interests.

With FairSave, users can get up to 10% Per annum interest on their savings and get daily interest alerts, unlike other platforms, FairMoney is offering users the opportunity to withdraw their interest and principal any time they feel like. FairSave interests are paid daily, the product is safe, secure, and signing up gives users a higher chance of getting a better credit score.

FairSave was launched with a stand out personality known for her influential, pacesetting & formidable traits – Anita Natacha Akide – popularly known as Tacha. Following speculations of the partnership between the digital bank & Tacha, FairMoney announced the partnership via their social media platforms.

Speaking on the partnership and launch of FairSave, Nengi Akinola, Head, Marketing and Branding at FairMoney, explained that “FairMoney is committed to improving the lives of its customers, and with the launch of FairSave, customers are guaranteed a sure and flexible way to grow their finances while getting instant rewards. Also, with the signing of Tacha as a brand ambassador, we are sure of a mutually beneficial relationship, we are leveraging her star power and strong personality to increase awareness and education about our efficient financial solutions, while enabling fintech adoption and driving financial inclusion”.

FairSave is the newest savings product from FairMoney MFB aimed at helping you save and make money while you do other things you love. Sign up using the referral code -ONLINE to join Tacha and others to enjoy stress free savings while making money everyday.

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