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Exploring the Jungle; Taking hospitality to the wild

Exploring the Jungle; Taking hospitality to the wild

In a city where destressing and comfort sound like a myth, the feeling of this exploration envelopes the reality of rejuvenating every rhythm of your body. And we thought; there was no better way to inhale fresh air into your lungs than to take this hospitable experience to the wild – The Jungle.

You may have attended many events, but this is the only one that captures and transcends the epic scenery and vibrant lifestyle of enjoying and experiencing a full day that brings out your inner child.

On the 18th of November, 2023; the Uvest team created a masterpiece. We broke records and brought a dream to life. We filled people’s lungs with a deep and satisfying breath, a subtle atmosphere of seamless breathing.

We brought people from all walks of life to reset and rejuvenate in an exhilarating and enchanting jungle-themed experience and campsite adventure within Lagos, Nigeria. Words on the internet have it that no one left the same way they came without a touch of relief and release, physically and mentally.

So, what exactly did we do?

In the hub of development in Lagos state Nigeria – Epe, with Nigeria’s economic capital and a megacity of millions of people, is a project that has earned its name – “The Jungle”. This is perhaps the most mind-blowing project yet undertaken by the real estate blazers, UVEST.

Dr. Philip Babalola, the visionary CEO of UVEST, describes it as more than just real estate, but a haven for rejuvenation. The feeling of knots unraveling and seamless breathing, similar to a deep exhale, is what “The Jungle” promises – a promise fulfilled by the project’s dedication to creating a captivating, sustainable, and culturally immersive jungle-themed experience.

The JUNGLE idea began with an important mission to create a captivating and sustainable natural, jungle-themed experience and adventure while promoting friendship, relaxation & environmental sustainability.

The mission is clear: to offer respite in a city where eco-friendly recreational spaces are scarce. “The Jungle” which sits on Millennial Woods by UVEST, a 100-acre expanse of land in the heart of development in Lagos is not just a real estate endeavor; it’s a cultural and environmental commitment. UVEST aims to redefine the concept of leisure by establishing an eco-conscious, immersive jungle-themed vacation area, campsite, and recreational zone.

The Jungle’s birth is not just a solution; it’s a response to the increasing demand for absorbing, culturally aware, and environmentally sustainable spaces. UVEST has taken strides in this direction, organizing two unforgettable lush experiences in 2023.

The Jungle Experience 1.0 in November and version 2.0 in December marked the beginning of a series of captivating encounters that blended relaxation, adventure, and environmental consciousness.

With a plan to establish a luxurious glamping site in Nigeria, the next 12 months will be dedicated to the immense development of the project, with the assistance of many bodies that have come to partner and collaborate with UVEST on bringing this project to life. The project seeks to provide many eco-friendly facilities that will enable people in and out of Lagos to enjoy a “home away from home” experience.

As we look to the future, “The Jungle” stands as a testament to innovation in real estate, intertwining the realms of hospitality and nature. Our goal is to wrap you in a retreat, an adventure, and a deeper connection with the environment altogether. The Jungle is not just a project; it’s an invitation to redefine your sense of home and find solace in the heart of nature.

We want you to join us on this transformative journey – a journey where real estate meets hospitality and innovation, and every step taken is one closer to a home in the heart of nature.

The Jungle Experience 3.0 is coming up and you don’t want to miss this one. Visit uvest.homes for more.