• Friday, March 01, 2024
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Exness Partnerships: Establishing a Dominant Presence in West Africa’s Largest Market

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When examining the trading landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria emerges as a force to be reckoned with. The country’s promising economic growth and its youthful population make it a key market for brokers. Recognising its potential, multi-asset broker Exness strategically expands its footprint in the market focusing not only on its trading product but also on its partnerships program. Today, Exness stands as the nation’s largest partnership network with its success attributed to a range of factors that resonate deeply with local partners and their clients.

Why Exness Takes the Lead in Nigeria
It’s easy for partners to join Exness’ network thanks to its solid and advanced trading products. Let’s explore:

Ethical business practices. In an industry rife with opaque operations, Exness stands out with its transparency and reliability in facilitating access to the financial markets. The mission? To provide its clients with a friction-free trading experience.

Science and technology. To manifest its core philosophy, the broker leverages technology and proprietary innovations. Features such as low and stable spreads irrespective of trade volume and market fluctuations, Stop Out Protection that reduces stop outs by 30% and seamless withdrawals are all the result of its unwavering commitment to removing obstacles from its clients’ journey.

Licenses and regulation. Beyond adhering to its high standards, Exness seeks to comply with external regulatory bodies, giving its clients an extra layer of peace of mind. The Exness Group is licensed by some of the biggest regulators in the world, including the Financial Sector Conduct Authority in South Africa, the Capital Markets Authority in Kenya and the Financial Services Authority in the Seychelles. By aligning its internal levels of quality with regulatory benchmarks, the broker underscores its commitment to reliability.

Safety of funds. Exness addresses the legitimate concern of Nigerians regarding fund safety by guaranteeing that all funds are segregated in global tier-1 banks.

How Exness expands its network in Nigeria
With a keen understanding of its clients’ needs and concerns, in 2023 Exness not only focused on its product quality but also invested in nurturing its relationship with the Nigerian market.

One of its standout strategies in the country is fostering events that successfully strengthen its presence in the region and deepen its relationship with its local community.

Partner seminar in Abuja, June 2023. This event provided the ideal platform for Exness to engage with prospective and existing partners. Not only did attendees gain knowledge from top Exness partners in Nigeria, but they also received invaluable insights on how to grow their partnership business with Exness. With over 150 partners attending, this seminar gave the opportunity to Exness and its partners alike to strengthen their relationship.

Exness Partner Expo in Lagos, September 2023. Hosted at the Landmark Center, this expo attracted over 1,000 attendees. The event spotlighted some of Exness’ top partners who took the stage to share their experience with the leading broker as well as insights on how to become a top partner and support clients in achieving their financial goals. Highlights of the event included the talk by Exness Commercial Director in Nigeria, Oluwatosin Olusanmi, and Exness Regional Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, Paul Margarites. Terrence Hove, Exness Senior Financial Strategist, also treated participants to an insightful session on trading the markets.

As we look ahead to 2024, Exness charts a roadmap with more events designed to further strengthen its relationship with its partners and enrich their experience with its brand. And with its 15th anniversary approaching, we can only expect the broker to be planning more significant initiatives for both partners and clients. This strategy combined with the broker’s undeniable trajectory, will cement Exness’ position not only as the world’s largest multi-asset broker but also as having the biggest partner network in Nigeria.

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