• Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Exclusive Look: Unveiling the feature-rich itel S23+ smartphone


Intel S23+

Before you get that smartphone at that phone retail store near you, read about the itel S23+ first. Chances are that you’ll be blown away by itel’s latest attempt at smartphone excellence.

Since 2014, itel has truly made remarkable moves to push itself into the leading smartphone brand conversation. Among many factors leading to this, the innovative urge to represent every phone user market segment is a reason itel continues to be the main brand at home and abroad. So, whether it is the ‘A’, ‘P’, or ‘S’ series, you can never go wrong with an itel smartphone. Now more than ever, itel is pushing for excellence with the itel S23+, a feature-rich smartphone for everyone.

itel S23+: Perfection in Every Way

The ‘S’ series is itel’s flagship smartphone series, churning out quality upon quality from the selfie-defining itel S18 to the modern colour-changing beauty of the S23. Evidently, the best has been saved for the latest in the guise of the itel S23+.
The itel S23+ boasts a new approach to the smartphone experience from itel and comfortably beats other smartphones in the ‘S’ series and generally other smartphones within the same price range. But that is not even the main story.

The itel S23+ is a true work of art and a real gem for premium Android lovers. Introducing a first-of-its-series curved screen display, the itel S23+ comes with a 6.8” AMOLED 3D curved screen. In simple terms, this smartphone gives you a whole new meaning of “vision without limits on a smartphone”.

My point is; would you even want to go to the cinema or use another smartphone or even watch the TV after you see a movie or ANY video content on the itel S23+? I’ll let you in on a secret; the itel S23+ is the only AMOLED 3D curved screen phone in the price range itel is offering. This is a serious matter!


Of course, the itel S23+ smartphone comes with the usual guarantees; the best battery performance, the fastest battery charge, and the best memory on offer. The itel S23+ is quality in every manner.

You’ll probably never exhaust an entire 16GB+256GB storage even if you’re forced to. If you doubt me, try saving up to 60,000 photos. Also, who worries about battery life on a 5000mAh battery plus an 18W fast-charge experience? The itel S23+ continues to impress on all fronts with a 32MP+50MP portrait camera. Capture memories for fun!

Gamers Arise!

The gamers are not left behind as well, as the itel S23+ is powered by the T616 Octa Core processor. This means it can provide stable gaming performance as well as heat dissipation for maximal efficiency of your fun time! This is the kind of smartphone you can win an online gaming contest on!


Experience A 36-Month+6 Month Free Screen Replacement Amazing Warranty Offer

An unbelievable warranty for an outstanding smartphone. The good times are ahead as the itel S23+ gives you a 6-month FREE screen replacement guarantee! Add that to a 36-month warranty and you can tell the itel S23+ really means business! What does it say if a smartphone is this sure?


Experience the Curve With the itel S23+
As you have read, nothing comes close to the itel S23+ in every dimension. For the price of N148,000, a new re-defining curve experience can be yours. The itel S23+ is available in stunning Elemental Blue and Lake Cyan colours.


Whether you purchase yours in any phone retail store near you or on itel’s official store on Jumia < https://www.jumia.com.ng/itel-s23-256gb-8gb-android-12-cyan-259640491.html> , one thing is absolutely clear; the itel S23+ is the feature-rich smartphone you need!