• Monday, April 22, 2024
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Empowering Women: Altinvest’s call to embrace the gold standard for timeless financial growth #WomenThatAltinvest

Empowering Women: Altinvest’s call to embrace the gold standard for timeless financial growth #WomenThatAltinvest

In recent years, a powerful narrative has quietly woven its way through the corridors of influence across developed nations. It’s a tale of resilience, determination, and the unwavering spirit of women breaking barriers in the world of finance and investments.

Not too long ago, until the 19th century, women were restricted from owning properties, let alone investing and growing wealth. The idea of a woman having her own money or making financial decisions was far from commonplace, relying instead on fathers, husbands, or brothers to handle their financial matters. Today, however, the story has taken a different turn.

From becoming fund managers to holding key roles in finance within large institutions, women are leaving their mark and fostering inclusion in the traditionally male-dominated world of finance. Notably, they are excelling as investors, often outperforming men in managing portfolios and making savvy investment decisions, as reported by the Financial Times.

In their formative years, women frequently lacked female investment role models, and the investment industry primarily focused on men as the typical investor stereotype. This has led to a necessity to reshape traditional perceptions by reinforcing women’s inclusion in the sector, among brands and financial institutions.

One brand consistently creating an inclusive environment for women in investing is Altinvest, an investment platform focusing on ethical and impact-focused investment opportunities geared towards inclusion, growth, and development.

Through its recent campaign, #WomenThatAltinvest, in commemoration of International Women’s Day 2024, Altinvest encourages women to engage in alternative investing beyond traditional stocks and bonds. The campaign aims to denounce the perception that investing is solely a male-dominated endeavor, proving that women possess the knowledge, skills, and resources to succeed in various investment strategies.

Altinvest encourages women to embrace the gold standard, recognizing gold’s reputation as a timeless asset. The investment app through its Women’s campaign is urging women not only to consider adorning themselves with gold but consider it as a valuable investment. Altinvest encourages women to make gold investments their preferred choice, emphasizing the benefits of owning gold investments through its digital platform.

Gold-linked investment on Altinvest does not necessitate substantial initial capital, as investors can purchase gold in grams. One gold coin equals 50 grams and can be acquired in its entirety, providing individuals with the flexibility to start with as little as 1 gram and gradually expand their investment portfolio from there.

Encouraging women’s inclusion in investing is not just a smart move; it is empowering. Women who invest understand the value of security and independence, which is why Altinvest is leading this charge for the financial inclusion of women. Through initiatives like #WomenThatAltinvest, Altinvest is not just advocating for change but actively enabling it, ensuring that women have equal access to opportunities in the world of finance and investments.

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