• Monday, June 24, 2024
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Disadvantages of not having an SSL Certificate on a business website

Disadvantages of not having an SSL Certificate on a business website

In today’s internet-connected world, SSL certificates have become a commonplace necessity. However, a business website owner might wonder what happens if they don’t have an SSL Certificate on their website?

This is not a good scenario. Here are a few of the possible realities.

1. Trust is broken: a savvy web user would steer away from your website. No rational web user will enter their payment details on a website with no basic security.

2. No merchant account: banks and fintech services that process credit card payments require active SSL Certificates on a website for any e-commerce business applying to accept credit card payments. The merchant account cannot be approved without the SSL.

3. Warning on browsers: most modern browsers would display a warning on the address bar to users visiting a website without SSL. It’s usually in some form of red, warning web users to be wary of sharing any user details on your website.

4. Lower SEO ranking: all other things being equal, a website with SSL will rank higher for the same search terms than a website without it. Why give up an edge to your competitors in a highly competitive world?

5. No legitimacy: it’s not a stretch to conclude that a website without basic encryption on their internet traffic should not be taken very seriously. It implies the website owners don’t take the website seriously enough. Why should the general public?

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