• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Dillali launches an innovative solution to address inventory challenges for Africa’s SMEs

Dillali Launches an Innovative Solution to Address Inventory Challenges for Africa’s SMEs

Inventory management is a key obstacle in the path of growth and efficiency for African small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The challenge is particularly acute in Nigeria, where businesses are grappling with a stark increase in unsold stock and diminishing purchasing power.

Dillali, an emerging player in Africa’s business landscape, is stepping in with an innovative Inventory Management Solution to address these pressing issues head-on.
According to a May 2023 report, the Nigerian manufacturing sector is buckling under the weight of rising levels of unsold goods. The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) revealed that inventory stockpile increased by 22 per cent to N469.66 billion in 2022, from N384.58 billion in the previous year.

Dillali’s new Inventory Management Solution, therefore, comes as a potential lifeline for businesses struggling with overstocking and theft. It’s an effective tool designed to simplify and streamline inventory, sales, and supply chain processes.

Ibrahim Bashir, CEO of Dillali, shared his perspective on the company’s solution, stating, “We’ve designed a solution that addresses the pressing needs of businesses. It doesn’t just help to manage stock; it facilitates data-driven decision-making, which is essential for growing businesses.”

With this solution, businesses can categorise products, manage supplier listings, and have a real-time analysis of their performance. This enhanced control and visibility could make the difference between stockpiling and selling goods.

The Dillali Inventory Management Solution is not just another addition to the market; it is a robust response to the difficulties experienced by African SMEs. Designed with a focus on localisation, the solution is available in multiple languages, including Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba.

Dillali’s platform is gaining traction in Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, and the UK, proving its potential to combat the challenges faced by businesses in these regions. Moreover, the platform is actively seeking partnerships to extend its reach and impact.

Princewll Akuma, a strategic advisor and marketing expert, voiced his belief in Dillali’s potential, stating, “Dillali’s solution offers a timely intervention that could significantly improve inventory management across the region.”

By providing real-time, data-driven inventory management, Dillali’s solution could enable businesses to optimise their operations, improve their financial standing, and unlock growth potential.

One satisfied customer, Abubakr Aishat, sang praises for Dillali, stating, “Dillali simply made my life easy. You really outdid yourselves. It’s so effortless to use, unlike the one I was using before. And the fact that it has some sort of analytics embedded in it makes finance tracking easy. Thanks so much for this platform.”

Dillali’s introduction of the Inventory Management Solution marks a significant milestone in Africa’s journey towards efficient, data-driven inventory management. As the company continues to innovate and expand, it is set to make a lasting impact on the African business landscape, empowering entrepreneurs and fostering economic prosperity.

In essence, Dillali’s solution isn’t just changing how businesses manage their inventory; it’s changing how Africa does business.

The company has been supported by a number of global players including; Mastercard Lightouse, Startup Wise Guys, and tech2impact.

Learn more about Dillali’s Inventory management Solution here.